The Lord’s Move to Asia (September 2011)

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In the past few months, there was propagation in several places in India, including New Delhi, Peravurani, and Sengottai.


New Delhi

Praise the Lord for His move on the campuses in New Delhi. Through the intensive propagation of the full-time trainees in the past ten weeks (May 17 ~ July 22), fifty-six new ones were baptized into the kingdom of God. Half of them were students from several target colleges: North Campus and South Campus of Delhi University and Jawahala Nehru University, one of the top graduate schools in India.

During this period of propagation, the brothers and sisters in coordination placed a strong emphasis on leading a God-man living and abiding in the Lord. Every morning we gathered together to pursue the ministry, and had a lot of personal and corporate prayers. In this way we could be the branches abiding in Him for the purpose of bearing fruit. Despite the summer break, we can testify that the Spirit of the Lord was moving on these campuses to separate, sanctify and call the young people to follow Him.

Peravurani and Sengottai: two new lampstands raised up in India in July

Praise the Lord for gaining two new lampstands in India – one in Peravurani and the other in Sengattai (literally, red fort). Peravurani is a small town in Tamil Nadu state.  There has been much persecution from the local people and town authority in this Hindu town, but ultimately the Lord won the victory. The church in Peravurani was raised up on July 10, 2011. Ninety-two saints, including those from nearby localities, participated in the first Lord’s Table meeting and four saints were baptized.  The whole meeting was carried out in peace without any opposition.

Sengottai is also a town dominated by Hinduism. In the past few months saints from various local churches along with the FTTND trainees propagated in this city. A total of thirteen people were baptized. A few seeking Christian families also turned to the truth in the Lord’s recovery. They are now under regular shepherding by the saints and are willing to take the stand for the Lord’s testimony. The first Lord’s Table meeting in Sengottai was held on July 17, 2011.

Please pray for the following matters:

(1)  Pray that the Lord would continue to bless the preaching of the gospel on the various campuses and the shepherding of the newly baptized young people.

(2)  Pray that the Lord would continue to gain more golden lampstands in India as well as for the solidifying of the new lampstands in Peravurani and Sengottai and the shepherding and nurturing of the saints there.

First Lord's Table in Peravurani_2_India


From July 9 to 12, there was a training of four days and three nights held in the countryside of Ulaanbaatar. This was the first time the saints here had such an overnight training. In this training we got into the messages of the International Memorial Day Conference of 2010: “Living a Life for the Fulfillment of God’s Eternal Purpose”. Over thirty saints attended, living in yurts as well as meeting inside a yurt. We had one meeting in the morning and one in the evening and two brothers took turns to share. The burden of the training was to strengthen the saints to live a God-man life and establish a life of morning revival, shepherding, practicing the priesthood of the gospel, and building up the vital groups. Nearly each one prophesied after each message. They were eager to respond and echo the burden and were willing to practice according to what they heard.

Every morning, we had thirty minutes of morning revival by groups. In the afternoon, the saints would spend an hour further digesting the messages. The overall atmosphere was very good and the saints had much blending.

The training ended at noon on July 12. After dinner on that day, a brother took me to visit the newly rented apartments of the 3 Chinese-speaking couples. These three homes serve the purpose of district shepherding and meetings. However, for cost-saving considerations, there was no furniture in any of the three apartments and the saints urgently need the financial means to buy basic furniture. Among these six Chinese-speaking saints, four have obtained student visas for their stay, while two wives are on dependent visas. They are doing well and are coordinating in one accord for the shepherding and propagation in each district.

Vincent Lung


Sri Lanka

In the churches in Sri Lanka, five people were baptized in July, including two young students, a couple and a middle-age-sister. Currently there are thirty-five saints under our care. About thirteen saints attend the Lord’s Table meetings and seven of them prophesy every week.

For the month of August, we had two main burdens: First was the continual practice of the vital groups. We not only blended with the families, but also took them out so that the families could have some blending among themselves through PSRP and begetting, nourishing, teaching, and building, for the working out of the reality of the Body of Christ and a rich church life. Second was a weekly gathering for burdened brothers and sisters to have a service fellowship for the going on of their respective localities.

From August 19 to 21, there was a three-day perfecting training in the church in Batticaloa. Brothers and sisters from other localities also came. The subject of the messages was on the Central Line of the Bible and topics for new believers. This training was very helpful for the solidifying of the church in Batticaloa and the perfecting of the saints.

Our church life today includes the Lord’s Table meeting and the prophesying meeting on Lord’s Day, home meetings and small group meetings in the afternoon of Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, in which we contact people corporately, truth-pursuing meeting on Tuesday afternoon, in which the saints get into The Knowledge of Life, and service fellowship for the brothers on Saturday morning. Every morning we are also divided into two groups to have morning revival with the saints in their homes. May the Lord continue to bless His testimony and propagation in Sri Lanka.

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