Prayer Burdens & Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of April


Prayer Burdens:



Pray for the work on the internet to be blessed by the Lord that His word can be spread through the social media and gain sons of peace.



Pray for the saints to establish a habit of enjoying God’s Word through daily Life-Study pursuit in order to be constituted with the truth.



Pray for the 103 churches to be guarded by the Lord and to bear more fruit.


Sri Lanka

Pray for the saints to enter into the riches of the Life-study of John daily in order to be vital persons to carry out the God-ordained way.



Pray for the Lord’s work among the gospel friends, that they can be attracted and released to steadfastly enter into the Lord’s word with the saints.



Pray for the distribution of ministry books to gain the real seeking ones through the word of the truth.


Weekly Pursuit:




1 Tim. 6:12 “Fight the good fight of the faith; lay hold on the eternal life, to which you were called and have confessed the good confession before many witnesses.”




We need to realize that we have been called to eternal life. Eternal life should be our life today, a life for our present daily living. By our first birth, the physical birth, we received the Adamic life. But because we have been called to eternal life, we should no longer live by the Adamic life, the natural life. On the contrary, we need to live a human life by the eternal life. As believers in Christ, we have been called uniquely to eternal life. This life, the divine life, is actually the Triune God Himself. Having been called to eternal life, we now should lay hold on this life, live this life, and have our whole being according to this life.


It is crucial for us to see that all the matters in the New Testament concerning the believers are related to the dispensing of the processed Triune God into us. To experience this dispensing is to enjoy eternal life. Some may teach according to the Bible without teaching the believers how to contact the processed Triune God and to receive His dispensing, which becomes the vital factor of our Christian life. Because even fundamental teachings may be subtly used by the enemy to keep us from enjoying eternal life, we need to lay hold on the eternal life. Then we shall be able to fight the good fight for the faith. (The Conclusion of the New Testament, pp. 1863-1864)

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