Calendar of Events

Church Calendar of Events 2022-2023
Date Country Location Content
November 1 Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar Serving Ones Conference for South Bangladesh
1-3 Vietnam Hanoi Elders and Responsible Ones training
12-13 Pakistan Islamabad Conference Meeting
14-26 Pakistan Lahore Brothers’ Training
17-19 Bangladesh Cox’s Bazar Gospel
20-21 Bangladesh Dinajapur Blending
27 Sri Lanka Galewela Setting up Testimony
December 5-31 Pakistan Lahore Young People’s Perfecting Training
24-25 Bangladesh Bangdarban, Savar Blending
24-25 Sri Lanka Baticaloa National Tamil Speaking saints Blending
January 1 Vietnam Hochiminh National Blending Conference
1-31 Pakistan Lahore Young People’s Perfecting Training
21-22 Bangladesh Online Serving Ones’ Conference
23-26 Sri Lanka Kandy National Fulltimers Training
February 1-25 Pakistan Lahore Young People’s Perfecting Training
3-5, 10-12 Vietnam Hochiminh Teenagers training
16-20 Bangladesh Khulna, Satkhira Gospel
March 16-20 Bangladesh Sylhet Gospel and blending
26 Sri Lanka Mawathagama Setting up Testimony
April 3-9 Sri Lanka Colombo National Young People Training
20-24 Bangladesh Rajshahi, Joypurhat Gospel
21-23 Pakistan Lahore Brothers’ Training
May 2-4 Vietnam Hochiminh Elders and Responsible Ones Training
4-5 Vietnam Hochiminh Perfecting Training 1
6-7 Sri Lanka Kandy National Resposible Brothers Training
27-28 Bangladesh Savar, Kachpur Training
June 6-8 Vietnam Hochiminh Training for Serving Ones
10-11 Laos Vientiane National Blending Conference
23-24 Bangladesh Online Serving Ones’ Conference
July 3-16 Vietnam Hochiminh Teenagers Summer Training
17-23 Bangladesh Chittagong hill trick areas Gospel
24-27 Sri Lanka Kandy National Fulltimers Training
27-29 Pakistan Lahore Brothers’ Training
August 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26 Bangladesh Online Training for Seeking Saints
8-10 Vietnam Hochiminh Perfecting Training 2
7-13 Vietnam Hochiminh Training for Students
18-20 Vietnam Hochiminh Young People Conference
24-26 Vietnam Hochiminh Godman Family Training
September 22-23 Bangladesh Dinajpur Serving Ones’ Conference
24-30 Bangladesh Dinajpur, Birampur Gospel
29-10/1 Sri Lanka Kurunegala National Blending Conference
October 1 Sri Lanka Ampara Setting up Testimony
19-21 Bangladesh Training Center Conference for Serving Ones

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