Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of June

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2 Tim. 4:22 “The Lord be with your spirit. Grace be with you.”




Our highest enjoyment and experience are that our Lord is with our spirit. The Lord, who is the Creator of heaven and earth, the sovereign Lord of all, is with our spirit. The Lord’s being with us is not in our mind or our thoughts; He as the Spirit is with our spirit. Over thirty years ago I came to the United States with a specific burden, that is, to speak concerning the two spirits, the divine Spirit and our human spirit. Recently, the Lord also has shown us that the secret of experiencing God’s organic salvation lies in “the Spirit…with our spirit” (Rom. 8:16). Today Christ is the Spirit, and if we want to experience and enjoy Him, we must be in our spirit. I can testify that, according to my age, without the Spirit’s being with my spirit, I could not bear the burden of the Lord’s recovery and the churches. Some have advised me to not have so many activities, but I thank and praise the Lord that it is the Lord as the Spirit with me who enables me to have such activities. As soon as I rise from my bed, I say, “O Lord, I rise with You.” The moment I touch the floor, I say, “O Lord, not only do I walk by You, but I walk with You. You are holding me while I am walking.” Thank the Lord, today the Lord is the Spirit, and we can enjoy Him in the spirit. This is an exceedingly great blessing. To enjoy the Lord’s Spirit being in our spirit is to have grace with us. When this is lost, the degradation of the church is present. (CWWL, 1994-1997, vol. 5, “How to Be a Co-worker and an Elder and How to Fulfill Their Obligations,” pp. 252-253)


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