Apr 26, 2023 by

  India   The churches in India held simultaneous national trainings for college students, young people, and children’s...

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Mar 1, 2023 by

  Cambodia   Church in Siem Reap   In the latter half of 2022, as the pandemic subsided, the entire country began to...

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Jan 31, 2023 by

  2022 LMA Conference   The 2022 LMA Conference was held online on October 26. A total of 570 saints from 27 countries...

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Oct 14, 2022 by

  Bangladesh   The Church in Dhaka, Bangladesh   Gospel Propagation   In May, we felt that the number of saints...

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Aug 1, 2022 by

  Azerbaijan   Azerbaijan is an oil rich, modern, secular, Muslim, Turkic nation located in the South Caucasus Region. It...

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Jun 30, 2022 by

  Sri Lanka   Presently there are 22 churches in Sri Lanka with about 536 saints in the church life. Over this past year,...

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May 31, 2022 by

  Laos   Establishing the Church in Luang Prabang   Luang Prabang is located in the north-central part of Laos. It is...

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Feb 25, 2022 by

  A Report from Cambodia   Based on statistics, there are 869 saints in Cambodia, including 264 who attend the Lord’s...

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Jan 25, 2022 by

  The Publication Work in Vietnam – An Overview   The publication work in Vietnam started as early as the late 1960s...

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Dec 1, 2021 by

  The Current Situation and the Lord’s Move in India   The Pandemic   According to the statistics of the health...

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Oct 29, 2021 by

  A Report from Pakistan   The Lord’s move in Pakistan began in 2012. The first local church was established in Lahore (the...

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Update on Nepal

May 13, 2021 by

  Update on Nepal   Affected by the second wave of Covid-19 in India, the situation in Nepal is quite dire. As Nepal and...

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