The Lord’s Move to Asia (March 2013)

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The International Blending Conference was held in Phnom Penh from the 25th to the 27th of January, 2013. Over 350 saints attended the conference, among whom were 285 local saints from 10 localities in Cambodia and 65 overseas saints from Korea, Vietnam, West Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the U.S. The general subject of the conference was the Focus of the Lord’s Recovery, which was the subject of the 2011 International Thanksgiving Conference.

The churches in Cambodia have been encouraged and strengthened through the International Blending Conference held yearly since 2007. Although the number of saints attending this year’s conference was less than that of last year, the atmosphere of the conference was uplifted. The saints were eager to respond and overflow, and their sharings were very positive. High school and college students were especially eager. So many of them went up to the front and lined up to respond to the messages in every meeting that there was not enough time for everyone to share.

There were a total of eight sessions in this conference. Six messages were on the general subject and were covered by two brothers, followed by the saints’ response. One evening session was specifically for blending with the overseas saints. Saints from different countries and the local saints enjoyed a time of mutual sharing and fellowship. Through such fellowship the overseas saints became more burdened for the churches in Cambodia. The last session of the conference was the Lord’s table meeting. “There is one Body in this universe!” All the saints enjoyed the one bread and the one testimony expressed in Cambodia. May the Lord strengthen His move in Cambodia!


Praise the Lord for His move in this country. Since some new believers have been saved and baptized, we have the burden to shepherd them. In the past two months we focused on helping the brothers and sisters enjoy the Lord by exercising their spirits. One brother from Taiwan currently laboring in India also came to help us. In one meeting, he helped the saints release their spirits by calling upon the name of the Lord one by one. He also divided the brothers and sisters into groups of 2’s and 3’s and helped them get into the message by PSRP. In this way everyone in the meeting had the chance to practice. Through such preparation by means of pray-reading the message, each brother and sister was able to speak for the Lord in the meeting. Praise the Lord. This is the best way to help the saints enjoy the Lord and be perfected in the truth.

Besides helping us in the meetings, the brother also helped us build up a living of having morning revival via telephone or Skype. Each morning we had morning revival in this way with two young brothers and one brother’s father, and in the evening the sisters also had evening revival with four sisters. The brothers and sisters all testified that they had never enjoyed the Lord to such an extent. We also invited some of our friends to come to our house and read the Bible with us. May the Lord also gain them.

For the perfecting of the new believers, we urgently need some hymns and “HWMR: The Nourishment of the New Believers” (two volumes) to be translated into the local language. With the help of the local saints, five hymns (Hymns #255, 322, 938, 1113, and Lord, I Just Love You) have been translated into Urdu. The Lord has also prepared for us one sister to do the work of translation and proofreading at her translation company. Up until now she has finished translating four weeks’ portion as well as proofreading one week’s portion of HWMR. We are expecting the translation to be completed by the end of this month or in the middle of next month.

Concerning our language learning, we had some breakthrough in our pronunciation and speaking. Recently we hired an Urdu teacher to give us lessons for two hours each day from Monday to Friday. We can now speak some simple phrases in present, past, and future tenses, sing some Urdu hymns, as well as PSRP in Urdu with the saints and have some simple sharings in the meetings. We all have a strong desire to overcome all the language barriers for the Lord’s move in this country. May the Lord strengthen us that in two or three months we will be able to prophesy in the meetings in the local language.

Through some recent fellowship we learned that some brothers will be coming to help us in raising up churches. We are full of thanks to the Lord for this. At the same time we also feel the burden is heavy, and as a result we began to designate two prayer times each day to pray specifically for this. We also need the saints to intercede for us so that the Lord’s move in this country can move forward.

Prayer items:

1, The proofreading of Volume 1 and the translation of Volume 2 of “HWMR: The Nourishment of the New Believers”.

2, The perfecting of the 22 new believers and other saints.

3, For the newly established church in Lahore.


Fellowship on Sri Lanka

Recently, in order to have more blending and building up with the local saints, two of us couples who live in the meeting hall and one local working saint took one Friday night to visit a couple who coordinate with us in service. We had a small group meeting and took hospitality at their place. This couple also invited a new believer to come to their home that night, and we all coordinated together to feed this new one; the meeting was full of the outflow of life. On the next day, we had morning revival, fellowshipped, and had breakfast together, then we went to the biggest local fish market to buy the fish that we would eat for lunch. Through such a blending in daily living, our building with the saints became more practical. Subsequently, this couple also began to have morning revival and to visit the friends of that new brother.

We became acquainted with a male student attending the University of Colombo through the weekly gospel-preaching and contacting of people by a young married couple.  This student majored in Sinhalese. We invited him and his roommate to come to the meeting hall twice a week to tutor us Sinhalese.  We hope to be able to fellowship and converse with the saints and the local people in Sinhalese in a few months, so that our preaching of the gospel would not be hindered and our nourishing of the local saints could be more effective. We also invited this young man and his roommate to attend a gospel meeting of the church in Colombo. May the Lord gain these young people to become building materials.

The translation of the seven Rhema books into Sinhalese and the proofreading of these books are in progress. Initially only one brother was involved, and the translation of these books remained unfinished even with many years of labor. Recently, a sister meeting in a denomination began to coordinate with this brother in this endeavor. It is estimated that the translation and proofreading of the seven books will be completed by April 30. We hope that in the near future, through the mass free distribution of these seven Rhema books, the Lord’s word would spread more prevailingly among the seeking ones in Sri Lanka.

Besides joining the Skype prayer time of LMA (the Lord’s move to Asia) every Friday, we also have a Skype prayer time with the serving brothers in Sri Lanka every Monday morning, joined by  serving ones from five different localities. The serving ones from two other localities are unable to join due to the lack of or poor internet connection. There is also a Skype prayer time for serving sisters every Thursday morning for the building up of the saints.

Furthermore, through fellowshipping with the saints, we have encouraged all the churches in Sri Lanka to pursue one ministry book every month.  We finished reading “The Economy of God” in January and read “The Basic Revelation in the Holy Scriptures” in February. This kind of pursuit enlarges the spiritual hunger and capacity of the saints and causes the word of Christ to dwell in all the saints richly. We also compile the important matters and prayer items related to the churches every other week in order to strengthen the mutual intercession and support of the churches.

On March 5, two couples who came to Sri Lanka to labor from overseas returned to their home countries. Since most of the churches here have just been established in recent years, there are not many experienced saints. Thus, we urgently need more saints to be sent here to coordinate and be built up with the saints for the strengthening of the Lord’s testimony among the churches in Sri Lanka.

Prayer items:

1. For the translation and proofreading of the seven Rhema books into Sinhalese, that they would be completed before April 30.

2. For the Lord to raise up more experienced saints to coordinate and be built up with the saints for the strengthening of the Lord’s testimony among the churches in Sri Lanka.



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