The Lord’s Move to Asia (March, 2011)

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A Word of Burden

In the recovery today there are these two peaks—the recovery of the high truths and the rapid spreading of the Lord’s recovery. We all have to see that something must be done to put these two peaks together. I believe the Lord’s desire is that we do our best to produce people to go and work in all these places. These workers will come mainly from two sources—from the full-time trainings and from the churches. Every year we should be able to send out forty to fifty people, produced and raised up through the training and the churches. We thank the Lord that the churches and the trainings are one. These two are working together for the Lord’s interest. I would encourage all the graduates from the training and all the middle-aged saints in all the churches to open to receive the burden from the Lord to go.

(Excerpt from Brother Lee’s fellowship in the 1995 Summer Training)



The churches in Mongolia hope to attain the following goals this year in the testimony of the church, the spreading of the gospel, and the literature work. Regarding the testimony of the church, there are four directions: (1) We hope that all the saints would attend the seven-day 96-lesson perfecting training; (2) we hope that the number in the Lord’s Day meetings would reach 200, with 100 for the church in Ulaanbaarar and 50 each for the churches in Darhan and Erdenet; (3) to increase the blending among the churches, the saints will visit the three local churches alternately, Darhan in April, Erdenet in June, and Ulaanbaarar in August and December; (4) we hope to establish the Lord’s Day meeting in Sainshand.

With respect to the spreading of the gospel, we plan to preach the gospel in Hentiy and Choi-balsan in June, and in Zuunkharaa, Selenge and other places in August.

Regarding the literature work, we published a hymnbook with roughly 500 hymns in February. With regard to the ministry books, we will publish Brother Lee’s The Experience of Life in April, The Basic Revelation in the Holy Scriptures in June, The Economy of God in August, Life Lessons volumes three and four in December, and Brother Nee’s The Glorious Church in October. We also plan to finish translating Matthew, John, Acts, Romans, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians of the New Testament Recovery Version and the Life-Studies of Matthew, John and Romans.

To achieve the goal of perfecting all the saints to shepherd people and bear remaining fruit, four brothers took the lead to attend the training. They lived together for one week, exercising to live the life of a vital person, such as practicing “Vital 247”. After that, two groups of brothers joined the same training. One group was composed of two students—one was gained from the gospel symposium held in his medical school last October, and the other was a new believer of two weeks.  Subsequently there will be sisters’ trainings, the content of which would include calling on the Lord’s name, morning revival, reading the Bible, pursuing the 96 Lessons from the perfecting training messages, shepherding the new ones and visiting the saints, preaching the gospel, etc. This kind of training will be held in various local churches over time.

Another one of our burdens is the students’ work. Every Saturday we have a gospel outreach, and every Friday we have a students’ meeting to release messages according to the need of the new ones. The student brothers are learning to shepherd the students after class, while the student sisters still need more strengthening and encouragement on this matter. We will conduct a students’ conference this June, after which the saints will preach the gospel in their cities.

In addition, we hope that co-workers from China could come visit and shepherd the saints every weekend for the strengthening of the local churches, becuase the local churches are greatly strengthened each time they come. May the Lord bless and fulfill our desires and burdens.



This year we have particular burdens in several areas. First, with regard to the gospel,  we hope that through the wide preaching of the gospel, the number of saints can increase from 250 to 600. We also plan to have four gospel outreaches, two of which will be carried out in coordination with the saints from abroad. We hope that through these we will be able to raise up three local churches in Campong Speu, Campong Cham and Campong Thom.

Second, regarding the perfecting of the saints, we hope that the responsible brothers can all have a part in the short-term domestic perfecting trainings. We will also conduct college conferences and young people’s conferences, and will shepherd the college saints through the brothers’ and sisters’ houses.

Third, on the matter of blending, we long to have more blendings with the churches in nearby countries. For this, in January we held an international blending conference in our capital Phnom Penh. The brothers will also have bi-annual prayers and fellowship with the co-workers in Bangkok and are planning to attend the blending conference in Bangkok this October.

Fourth, regarding the literature work, besides publishing a gospel newsletter, we will translate some basic materials for new believers as well as some books and booklets on the gospel and the basic truths in the Lord’s recovery, such as The Economy of God, The Experience of Life, and Journey through the Bible, which is for the young people. In addition, we also plan to translate and edit more hymns to be added to our current hymnal.



At present, the gospel work in India includes three major items. First is the campus work. Fifty-five percent of the entire population of India is under the age of 25, and the young generation is very open to the gospel. Our gospel move is prevailing in some leading universities in major cities such as Delhi University, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in New Delhi, Hyderabad University and Osmania University in Hyderabad, Loyola College, Madras Christian College in Chennai, etc… Since last year 172 people have been baptized in the church in New Delhi and the majority of them are still in the church life and enjoying the supply of the ministry.

Second is the training. Currently there are 27 trainees attending the Full-time Training in New Delhi (FTTND), and there are also some who have completed the short-term training and have returned to their originating localities or countries. Among the ones attending the Full-time Training in New Delhi, there are saints not only from India, but also from Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.  Besides the full-time training, some regions also conduct short-term propagation trainings of one week or longer.   The burden is to preach the all-inclusive Christ in 383 major cities in the country by having a God-man living and becoming vital persons to bring in the increase and multiplication for the Lord. The saints testified that they really enjoyed the Lord’s supply and have received the burden to preach the gospel. At present, saints have sporadically shown interests in joining the training, and the number of churches that have registered keeps on increasing.

Third is the gospel moves. When the churches in a particular region come together for blending, the saints would go to a nearby city to preach the gospel together. Such endeavor would last for 2 weeks to a month.  Because of the one accord among the churches, many local churches have been successfully raised up in this way. During their breaks, the full-time trainees are also grouped and sent to assigned localities to carry out a six-to-ten-week gospel move. In addition, at least once a year saints from abroad would come to India to blend with the churches and participate in the gospel work here. Full-time trainees from Hong Kong, New Zealand and Seoul have all participated in the gospel work on the campuses in India. As a result, many new ones got baptized, and a great majority of these have remained in the church life.

This year we hope to carry on the burden fellowshipped above to continue the work on the college campuses and bring 500 college students to salvation, to continue perfecting the saints through various trainings, and through various gospel moves to raise up twenty local churches and to gain 1,000 new ones, who are stable in the church life, of whom 400 are brought into the church in New Delhi.

India plays a strategic role in the Lord’s up-to-date move today because the gospel needs to go back to Jerusalem by way of the Arab countries in the Middle East. May the Lord, through the work of India, raise up many young people to coordinate with the Lord for His ultimate move to hasten His return and to establish His kingdom on the earth.



In July, 2007, through the fellowship of the brothers in Seoul, Korea, a family was sent for the propagation work in Nepal. Afterwards, two churches were raised up, one in Kathmandu and the other in Maidi.

Currently there are 201 saints in the church life, with about 110 saints regularly attending the Lord’s table meeting and the prophesying meeting. There are also 119 young people and children in the church life. We are full of burden for this group of young people and children and hope that they will be for the future of the Lord’s recovery in Nepal!

The majority of the saints turned to us from Hinduism or the denominations. Although they are very new in the church life and have suffered persecution from their unbelieving family members or believers from the denominations, they are faithful to choose the way of the Lord’s recovery. Through enjoying The Holy Word for Morning Revival and the translated ministry books in the meetings, they receive the supply in truth and in life. Moreover, they are strengthened in the Lord’s grace to appreciate the ministry of the age and long to be recovered back to God’s heart’s desire and His eternal economy.

A few weeks ago, six saints from China came to Nepal for the work of propagation. They are laboring for the gospel in Pokara. May the Lord’s bountiful and all-sufficient grace be with their spirits, that no matter how difficult the environment may be, they would still supply life to cause people to turn from idols to the true God.

Recently, we have the burden to publish the “Rhema Books” before May. We request the prayer of the burdened saints for the literature work here as well as the gospel move in Pokara.

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