The Lord’s Move to Asia (June 2011)

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From May 1st to May 8th, twelve full-time trainees from Hong Kong and twelve from Bangkok came to participate in the gospel trip in Cambodia with the local saints.  Thousands of gospel tracts were distributed and hundreds of people called on the name of the Lord. Two hundred and thirteen new ones got baptized, most of whom were young ones under thirty. We were grouped into six teams for six new localities. All the saints really enjoyed the blending with the oversea saints through coordination.


On the first day we all labored in Phnom Penh. On the second day four teams left for their respective localities while the other two teams stayed for two more days to contact the students at the university in Phnom Penh. From Thursday on all six teams went to the new localities and contacted students and people in the communities.


We can testify that people are so open to the Lord Jesus and the gospel. For example, when I preached the gospel to one female college student in Phnom Penh, she asked me if it is OK if someone once stopped believing and now comes back to the Lord Jesus. I told her our Father’s heart in the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15, and she right away received the Lord with tears. She called on the name of the Lord in a very sincere way and came to the meeting that night. Another example is that one team went to a university in Campong Cham to contact people, and one student ushered them into his classroom and distributed the gospel tracts with them. Later he said that he had only heard about Jesus through radio broadcasting, and this was the first time Christians preached the gospel to him. He joyfully received the Lord and was baptized.


On Lord’s day, May 8th, we had a joint meeting in Phnom Penh with some saints and new ones representing each locality. The attendance was about 130. The brothers shared with us regarding the gospel and the assurance of salvation, which was what the Cambodians needed.


It seems that the Lord has sent rain to Cambodia. We believe this is a golden opportunity to gain many young people here. We are truly grateful to the Lord that we could meet the need in Cambodia in the Body, through the Body, and for the Body. We feel what we need to do now is to focus more on the shepherding of these new ones by regularly visiting them.


in Him,




A Report of the Gospel Propagation in Laos


On May 2nd to 8th, in the fellowship of the Body, full-time trainees from Bangkok came to Laos to coordinate with us in the work of propagation for a week. In these six days, we were a strong testimony for the Lord, experiencing that there were no Laotians, no Chinese, no Koreans, but Christ is all in the New Man.


Everyday we were subdivided into two groups, and the brothers and sisters would come together to enjoy the Lord first and pray desperately for the propagation of the gospel. Praise the Lord! He added together day by day those who were being saved. In just one week, we contacted a total of 142 people. Among them 56 called on the name of the Lord and 22 were baptized. This truly  encouraged and strengthened us. Among the two colleges that we labored on,  Polytechnic College had about 2,500 students, and 12 were baptized during the propagation, among whom 10 were brothers and 2 were sisters. The other college, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos, had about 7,000 students and we baptized 2 sisters during the propagation.


On Lord’s Day we invited 11 newly saved brothers and sisters to the Table Meeting. The fellowship and blending in the meeting was very sweet. In the coming days, we will invite the new ones to our homes on the weekends to enjoy the Lord with us for an hour, as well as learn Chinese and have some blending over meals. May the Lord be our wisdom in the matter of nourishing the new ones. Please pray for us.



Currently in Myanmar there are 38 localities and around 2,600 saints. Myanmar Gospel Book Room is continuing its effort to translate the Old Testament Recovery Version and the Life-study of the Bible. We have also received an official permission from the Government to distribute the gospel tract—“The Mystery of Human Life”. The New Testament Recovery Version in Burmese has been recognized by the Bible Society of Myanmar, and we have published a few books by Brother Nee and Brother Lee, such as The Glorious Church.

On the side of perfecting, we had an eight-day young people’s training from April 24 to May 1. One hundred eighty-six young people attended the training. On June 6, The 11th term of the Full-Time Training in Yangon began with 34 young people. And on June 13, three young saints went to the Philippines to join the Full-Time Training in Malabon.

Please pray for the following matters:
1. Pray for the young people’s spiritual well-being.
2. Pray for the continual labor of translating the Old Testament Recovery Version and the Life-study of the Bible.
3. Pray for the Full-time Training in Yangon to continue.
4. Pray for the saints to live stably in their respective localities. (Due to the political and economic situation, saints in groups have gone as refugees to the neighboring countries, such as India, Thailand, and Malaysia.)
5. Pray for the upcoming blending conference that will be held in Yangon from November 18th to 20th, 2011, and please come join us.
6. Pray for the gospel to be widely preached among the Burmese people.
7. Pray for the printing of 800 copies of the hynmal in Sri Lanka in October, 2011.

Praise the Lord, Amen!



From May 20th to 22nd, we had a perfecting training in Kathmandu for the saints in Nepal with Brother John Paik and Brother Nehemiah Chang from Korea. About 80 saints from two localities, Kathmandu and Maidi, attended the training.


In this training we covered the Life-study messages of chapters 1 through 13 of the Gospel of John. The flow of the meeting was so free and sweet, and the spiritual atmosphere among the saints was longing, thirsty, hungry, and eventually satisfaction. While we were in the training, we felt we had been transferred out of death into life by the Lord’s enlightening and touching us. The Lord indeed visited us as grace and fed us with Himself as the green pasture under His divine shepherding. We were all joyful and happy throughout all the meeting. It was indeed a spiritual feast to all the attendants! We wholeheartedly thanked and praised the Lord for His abundant supply.


In Him,


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