The Lord’s Move to Asia (February 2013)

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“Those therefore who were scattered went throughout the land announcing the word as the gospel.” (Acts 8:4)

Stepping into 2013, the Spirit has begun to flow mightily in India. Six new churches in the country and one new district in New Delhi were established between January and February. The saints are all stirred up in their spirit to live a life for the gospel.

South India: Three New Churches

On January 13, two golden lampstands were raised up in Talluru and in Sirangipalem in the state of Andra Pradesh. About 110 saints from nearby localities gathered together in these two places to witness the establishment of the two churches. The saints enjoyed the rich speaking on “The Crucial Contents of God’s New Testament Economy” and “Basic Lessons on Life”. Another local church in Palakkad (previously known as Palghat) in the state of Kerala was raised up on January 20, and over 200 saints gathered together for the establishment of this golden lampstand. Although anti-Christian sentiment is quite strong in this city, we can testify that the Lord as the overcoming One has won the victory in Palakkad.

North India: The Church in Chandigarh

From January 28 to February 10, there was a two-week intensive propagation in Chandigarh, which is known as “the  City Beautiful” and serves as the capital of two statesHaryana and Punjab. Twelve trainees and one serving one from the Full-time Training in Anaheim, 22 trainees from the Full-time Training in New Delhi (FTTND), and saints from two localities in North India participated in this move. A total of 53 new ones were baptized, including many Hindus, some seeking Christians and a turban clad Sikh and his wife. The wife of the Sikh later testified that even though she did not understand many things, she was so full of joy that she kept on calling on the Lord’s name all day long.

The church in Chandigarh had its first Lord’s Table meeting in the morning of February 10 and 54 new ones joined that meeting.

North India: Propagation in Noida and Greater Kailash

From January 26 to February 17, 63 saints from the church in Hsinchu and the Xinzhuang District of the church in New Taipei city, Taiwan, came in three batches to coordinate in an intensive propagation in the city of Noida and the district of Greater Kailash in New Delhi. The saints testified that they experienced the filling of the Spirit as they exercised to pray the kingdom prayers for the binding of the enemy, the breaking of the idol-worshipping culture, and the releasing of the sons of peace for His testimony, as well as to stand on the position of ascension to overcome all limitations of language, culture and the environment.

Noida is a modern city and business hub in the Uttar Pradesh state and is about 20 kilometers southeast of New Delhi. The first Lord’s Table meeting of the church in Noida was held on February 17. The Lord has blessed the new church in Noida with 40 baptisms. Among the ones who were saved and baptized were a number of solid families, which immediately brought their family members and friends to salvation. Greater Kailash is one of the more affluent communities within New Delhi. Many of the contacts there are highly educated and professional people. In order to spread the gospel to these families, children’s meetings are held on the weekends, which children and their parents can join.

South India: The Church in Kancheepuram Raised Up Through Migration

In January of this year, a few families with a single brother and a sister migrated to Kancheepuram in South India. This city is known as “the temple city” and is filled with idols. But the Lord has His chosen ones here who are seeking for Him. The saints met one elderly sister, who told them that she had been praying to the Lord to send someone to come and preach the gospel in this idolatrous city. She felt the saints’ coming was the Lord’s answer to her prayer.

The saints at present are living and propagating in the outskirts of the city. On the weekend the saints would go and preach the gospel in the city. In the coming days two of the families will be moving into the city for the propagation there. The saints have set a target of 100 baptisms and 15 families gained by the end of 2013. So far 7 people have been baptized. The saints are burdened to gain some solid families for a strong testimony of the Lord in this city. The first Lord’s Table meeting of the church in Kancheepuram was held on February 24.

Prayer items:

1. Pray for the newly established churches in Talluru, Sirangipalem, Palaghat, Chandigarh, Noida, and Kancheepuram and the district of Greater Kailash in New Delhi that all the new ones would be remaining fruit in the church.

2. Pray for the children’s meetings in different localities that through these meetings more families would be attracted to the church life.

3. Pray that the Lord would strengthen His move in more cities in India and that more saints would be burdened for and brought into the flow of propagation; also pray that 37 new golden lampstands would be raised up in India in 2013.

praying for propagation



Praise the Lord! We had a two-week gospel move on the campuses from January 7th to 21st of this year. During this time we contacted a total of twenty college freshmen. Four of them called on the name of the Lord and one was baptized. Through this gospel move, the Lord raised up a local student brother to coordinate with us to preach the gospel. This brother was a new one himself and had only been saved for less than six months. He was very hungry for the truth and often shared the gospel with his fellow students. He saw us during our conversation with a freshman and joined us to testify on the Lord’s sweetness and preciousness. He also introduced us to that student and shared why he was willing to be with us. This brother then told us that he felt this freshman would be saved. Then we continued to coordinate to preach the gospel to this student and invited him to a home. On that day this student became our brother. Praise the Lord! He not only added together those who were being saved, but also perfected a new one to function. May the Lord perfect more new believers and raise up each local brother and sister to become a living and functioning member.

Currently our main burden is to perfect the new ones. Every Saturday we spend one and a half hours perfecting the new ones in the way of vital groups and mutual asking and sharing in order to bring each one into function. The new ones enjoy this kind of meeting very much. Such perfecting not only helps them understand the truth, but even more lead them to practically enter into the enjoyment of the word of God and experience Christ in a subjective way so that the word of the Lord may grow and prevail. May the Lord continue to bless this kind of endeavor so that more new ones can be perfected for the building up of the Body of Christ.

Prayer Items:

1. More young people would be perfected to function practically and organically.

2. More new ones would be hungry for the word of God and have a normal church life.

3. More people would be raised up for the translation of the ministry messages.

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