The Lord’s Move to Asia (December 2012)

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The second National Blending Conference was held in Dinajpur in northern Bangladesh on October 26th. Five hundred saints from twenty localities came for this conference. Several brothers from Taiwan, Korea, etc. spoke the messages on the gospel, the church, and the practice of the church life. Then a serving ones’ meeting was held on the next morning, in which the brothers shared on the seven aspects of the church. Twenty-five serving ones attended this meeting. After the meeting, the brothers from overseas and four local brothers visited Joyrampore village in Dinajpur area.

From October 28th to November 12th, the brothers from overseas stayed in Dinajpur and coordinated with the local saints for visitation and propagation. They had meetings with the college students all week long, and everyday students from different villages would come. On one of the days they had three meetings in one day, and fellowshipped on how to enjoy Christ in our daily living in all three meetings. Forty-eight students were baptized during this week.

From November 13th to 27th, three brothers and two sisters from the Full-time Training in Seoul, Korea, together with Brother Paik Myung Hoon, visited southern Bangladesh, the capital city of Dhaka, and the northern part of the country. They preached the gospel to about 450 people in 14 villages, and 20 people believed and were baptized. They also raised up three local churches.





Praise the Lord for His move in Pakistan! In the recent baptismal meeting, four brothers and four sisters were baptized, and more than twenty local saints attended this meeting.

The Lord is faithful. In these past two weeks, we had much fasting and prayer for His move in this country. We asked the Lord for three new believers, but the Lord gave us eight. Praise the Lord for this! For the baptismal meeting, we prepared verses on the matter of baptism in both English and Urdu and had fellowship with the saints. Everyone was so appreciative of this truth and was helped to see the meaning and importance of baptism and the incorrect practice of Christianity. The saints all testified that they were willing to follow the practice revealed in the Bible, no longer caring for tradition. We also translated one hymn into Urdu with the help of the local saints and sang it in the meeting. Everyone enjoyed it very much. It was truly a glorious meeting.

After the baptismal meeting, the four brothers and four sisters were baptized before all the saints. When they came out of the water, each one was filled with exceeding joy. One sister said she had been fasting for this meeting for several days. When she got out of the water, she was so excited and said, “I have entered into the kingdom of God!”

We believe that God has already opened the door for His move in Pakistan, which no one will shut. He has given us a good beginning, and we believe the Lord will gain more and more people in this country for His testimony. Please continue to pray for the Lord’s move in this country and for our perfecting of the new believers.



Elders’ Training

From October 29th to 31st, 2012, the Lord gathered 75 elders and responsible brothers from the churches in Vietnam for a training, the general subject of which being “The unique work in the Lord’s recovery”. With the help from the Body through two brothers, the brothers in Vietnam were able to enjoy the same riches and entered into the same flow as in other places. The brothers were helped to realize that God’s unique work in the universe, His unique work in His recovery today, is to work Himself into His chosen and redeemed people, to build up His Body, which will consummate in the New Jerusalem.

During the training, the brothers also had fellowship concerning six aspects of the work and infused such burden into the elders and the local churches. There was also fellowship concerning the situation of the local churches and the church life. All were encouraged and had a sweet time of blending.

The Lord’s Move in Thuan An, Binh Duong Province

At the end of 2010, the Lord led Brother Quang and Sister Giang’s family to move back to and reside in Thuan An, Binh Duong province. At the beginning of 2011, some brothers and sisters from District 9 and Thu Duc (Ho Chi Minh City) came and met in Brother Quang’s house. They also began to preach the gospel. Then at the beginning of 2012, Brother Son and Sister Huong migrated to Thuan An. The first Lord’s Table Meeting there was held on October 14th.

Since the brothers and sisters began to preach the gospel in Thuan An, 26 people have been saved and baptized. The saints go out to visit and shepherd the new ones every Wednesday and gather together for Bible reading and pray-reading on Thursday while the new believers get into the forty-eight lessons from Life Lessons. There is a children’s meeting on Saturday, and on average 10 to 16 children would come. Then on Lord’s Day morning, all the saints would come together to prophesy over the morning revival material for new believers. An average of 9 to 13 saints attend the meetings from Thursday to Lord’s Day.

Please pray for the following two items:

  1. For the propagation of the Lord’s testimony in Thuan An.
  2. For the meeting facility to be enlarged to seat 50 people for the sake of more blending.


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