The Lord’s Move to Asia (April 2011)

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The full-time training in Myanmar (FTTY) is located in Yangon. The 9th-term trainees finished the training in the last week of December, 2010. Immediately after the training, they went to Am Lai Khaw, a village in the western part of Myanmar, for blending. They are now waiting for the Lord to open the door and are preparing themselves to go to seven cities in Myanmar to serve full-time.

The tenth term of the training began on January 3, 2011. It began with thirty-six trainees and two more joined later on. Currently there are thirty-eight trainees in the Full-time Training in Yangon (FTTY) enjoying the Lord and the truth.

In addition, there are eight Burmese young people who are attending the Full-time Training in Malabon (FTTM) in the Philippines and two in the Full-time Training in Bangkok (FTTB) in Thailand.

Testimonies of Trainees

  • I am Sister Hkawn Nu. I am currently in my third term of the full-time training in Yangon. I have greatly enjoyed the Lord and the word of the truth in the training up to now. Before I joined the training, I did not know how to exercise my spirit to call on the Lord’s name, nor how to enjoy and experience the Triune God. But now through the help of the training and by the Lord’s grace, I can experience all these and have peace within. I am truly thankful to the Lord that God put me in His Body for His economy. For His economy, I have presented myself a living sacrifice offered to the Lord. After the training, I hope to be like Paul to be used by the Lord as His bond slave according to His heart’s desire. I am willing to serve in any place according to His arrangement.
  • I am Brother Steven. I am currently in my third term of the full-time training in Yangon. The longer I am in the training, the more I enjoy the Lord. The more I touch the Lord, the more I enjoy Him in the training. Now I have more enjoyment than before and am further strengthened in the truth. Before joining the training, I was a person merely in the worldly enjoyment. But now I have received the burden to minister and transmit the truth to others, especially those who are enjoying the world like I did before. Amen. Praise the Lord!

The Gospel Bookroom in Myanmar

Even though the translation work may be laborious, the serving saints serve in translation, printing, book binding, and distribution in the flow of the truth and with enjoyment. Recently the Gospel Bookroom translated Volume 3 of The Holy Word for Morning Revival: Crystallization-Study of Isaiah, Life-Study of Ephesians, and Genesis of the Recovery Version.

We also do our best to match our service with the seven annual trainings and conferences. In February of 2011, the saints in Myanmar entered into the up-to-date speaking of the Lord by enjoying The Holy Word for Morning Revival from the International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones—Being a Proper Person in Life to Care for the Church in God’s Administration.



The work in Bangladesh began in Dhaka in April of 2008. At present there are three local churches in Bangladesh with a total of 135 saints; sixty saints meet on the Lord’s Day (because the holiday here is on Friday). We have three local full-timers, one brothers’ house, which is also used as our office, and one sisters’ house.

Our goal and burden for 2011 are mainly in five areas:

  1. The propagation of the churches: to 7 local churches.
  2. The increase in the number of saints: to 300 in the coming year.
  3. The establishment of the gospel bookroom and the translation work.
  4. The sending of two saints to Malabon, the Philippines, for the full-time training for the relative ease of obtaining a visa to the Philippines.
  5. The perfecting of the saints through The Holy Word for Morning Revival, Bible reading, and four annual conferences and trainings.

The Lord’s Recovery in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has a population of 150 million, with over 15 million in its capital Dhaka. Over 85% of the people in Bangladesh are Muslims, about 10% are Hindus, and 0.4% are Christians. Most of the people are Bangali, and the rest are composed of forty-three minority groups.

We visited Bangladesh for the first time on April 3, 2008, and stayed there for two weeks. We preached the gospel and led two college students to believe in the Lord. They warmly requested us to visit them again after our return to Korea. So on December 8 of the same year we went to Dhaka for the second time and preached the gospel again. This time we gained a family, after which we continued on to Bandarban, Rangamati, and Chittagong to preach the gospel. Throughout that period of time we kept fellowshipping with the young people in order that they might know God’s economy. These young peoples expressed to us their desire to start the church life in Bangladesh according to the Bible.

On April 2, 2009, a brother from Korea came to visit me in Dhaka. We led six saints to be baptized. At that time we lived in a rented brothers’ house, where we preached the gospel and had fellowship with the saints. Beginning from July 17 we have had regular home meetings in the brothers’ house.

On December 11, brothers from Canada, India, and South Korea visited Dhaka. On the 13th, we had our first official Lord’s Day meeting in Dhaka, proclaiming the Lord’s testimony. A total of 22 saints attended this meeting, and most of them were college students. The meeting lasted for three hours, and all the saints in the meeting consecrated themselves to the Lord. After that meeting, the brothers from South Korea and I visited Bandarban, where many minority groups resided.

In January of 2010, we held a conference in Dhaka and 35 saints attended. In May we held another conference, with 57 saints attending.

In May and June, we preached the gospel in Bandarban and Kakarchuri.

On June 1, a sisters’ house was set up in Dhaka, which now houses seven sisters.

From July 13 to 16, the saints visited Sundarban area, mainly to preach the gospel to the Bangali. Among the ones contacted, 30 lived in Mongla and 5 in Kotalipara. They all longed to be nourished and expressed their desire to open their homes for the church life.

From August 9 to 12, the saints arrived in Dinajpul to visit seven local towns. Approximately 370 people heard the gospel and received the Lord, among whom 123 were baptized.

On August 20, We proclaimed the testimony of the local church in Bandarban. This is the second local church established in Bangladesh.

In October and November, the brothers from South Korea and five full-time trainees preached the gospel in Dhaka, Bandarban, and Dinajpul.

On November 14, we set up the third Lord’s Table in Bilgon. Thirty-five saints attended the meeting.

In December and in the following January, the brothers from South Korea and Taiwan preached the gospel in Dhaka and Dinajpul; 139 people were baptized.

On January 16, 2011, we set up the fourth Lord’s Table in Kolijog, with 65 saints present in the meeting.

Although the environment in Bangladesh is wanting, yet since we proclaimed the Lord’s testimony on December 13, 2009, it appears that we have the move of the Spirit and are under the Lord’s blessing. Presently 30 saints meet in three places in Dhaka on Lord’s Day, 15 saints meet in Bandarban, and 6 in Dinajpul. We are grateful for the prayers and concerns of the saints. Up to the present, we have preached the gospel to over a thousand people, with more than 300 baptized.

We hope that by 2020 the gospel will be preached in all the cities in Bangladesh and that every city will have a church established. Meanwhile, our goal for this year is that seven local churches would be raised up and the number of saints attending the Lord’s table meeting would reach three hundred.

Although up to this day many in Bangladesh have come into the Lord’s recovery, yet they lack the basic knowledge of the Bible. For this reason, we rented a house and plan to hold a one-month training there for all the saints. We are aiming to start the training this March. Please pray for us.

Grace be with you always.

Brother Park Yongeuk (Boaz Park)



Our goal and burden for 2011:

  1. The increase in the number of local churches: to 4 localities (10%).
  2. The increase in the number of saints: 30% (840 new believers).
  3. The establishment of brothers’ and sisters’ houses in Ha Noi and Da Nang.
  4. For the abovementioned increase, we need 25 full-time serving ones.


Our goal and burden for 2011:

  1. Vientianne – the number of saints meeting on the Lord’s Day: 50, 25 of which are young people.
  2. Gospel harvest meetings once every three months.
  3. The establishment of two local churches in addition to the one in Vientianne.
  4. The literature and translation work.
  5. To go overseas for blendings at least once a year and to invite the saints from abroad to come and blend with the saints in Laos.

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