Weekly Pursuit – Week 5 of October

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S. S. 6:13 “Why should you gaze at the Shulammite, as upon the dance of two camps?”




In Song of Songs 6:13 the Shulammite is likened to two armies, or camps, dancing. This phrase two armies is a historical name from the Old Testament in Genesis 32:2. After [Jacob] saw the two armies of God, Jacob did a marvelous thing. He divided his wives, children, and the rest of his possessions into two groups, or “two armies.” This is full of spiritual significance. This means that we are more than conquerors. It also signifies a strong testimony. God does not want “giants.” He wants only the feeble ones, the weaker ones, the women and children. They can become His armies because the fighting is not in their hands but in His hands.


Those who are counted as overcomers will be the weaker ones, the ones who wept with tears, saying, “Lord, I cannot make it. Thank You for releasing all these high-peak truths unveiling to us what we should be. We should be in the Holy of Holies, living within the veil. We should be in oneness with You. You are our dwelling place, and we are Your dweller. I want to attain to this, but I cannot do anything. I am just a little one, a feeble one.”


An army indicates the principle of the Body. Both Tirzah and Jerusalem are buildings, not single pieces of stone. We should humble ourselves and admit that we are nothing. We can say, “Praise You, Lord. What a joy that You do everything and have done everything for me!” (Crystallization-study of Song of Songs,” ch. 12)

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