Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of September

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The Star in Numbers 24:17 refers to Christ. Matthew 2:2 said that the star was shown to the magi; it did not appear to any of the people of Israel. Whereas the Jews had the Scriptures concerning Christ, the magi saw the star of Christ. It reveals that to find Christ is a living matter. Even if we have the knowledge of the Scriptures, we still need the instant, up-to-date, living star to lead us. The New Testament way to find and follow the Lord is to continually stay in His hidden presence. It is easy to accumulate scriptural knowledge, but if we would have living guidance, we must live in an intimate relationship with the Lord; we must be one with Him.


Christ’s faithful followers follow Christ as the shining and living Star to be His duplication. The living stars give heed to the prophetic word of the Scriptures “as to a lamp shining in a dark place”. In the principle of the morning star, a Christian should rise up early. He will secretly give Himself as the morning star to those who love Him and who watch and wait for Him. The living stars enjoy and are filled with the sevenfold intensified Spirit to make them intensely living and intensely shining for God’s building. The living stars are the messengers of the churches, those who enjoy and experience the pneumatic Christ as the Messenger of God and as the fresh message from God so that they can dispense the fresh and present Christ into the people of God for the testimony of Jesus. (Crystallization-Study of Numbers, Msg 10)

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