Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of June

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1 John 5:16a “If anyone sees his brother sinning a sin not unto death, he shall ask and he will give life to him.”



Those who serve the Lord must be clear that every service should supply life. If we merely handle business affairs or manage matters but do not supply others with the life of God, our service is a failure and is vain.


Every service, whether preaching the gospel, giving messages, managing business affairs, or visitation, that is, whether the service is spiritual or administrative, should be a means for us to supply the life that we have received. Apparently, there are many items in the church service, but spiritually, these many items have one purpose, which is to supply life.


In order for the Lord’s life to be released from within us, we must learn to fellowship with the Lord, be subdued in our soul, and let our spirit dominate and rule over every matter. Whether we are elders or deacons or are involved in visitation or preaching the gospel, we must learn to use our spirit and to subdue our mind, emotion, and will so that we touch things with our spirit. Then the Lord’s life will be able to flow out. Our supplying others with life does not depend on our doing things properly but on our exercising our spirit. (The Service for Building Up the House of God, Chap.4)

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