Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of June

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Hab. 3:2 “… O Jehovah, revive Your work in the midst of the years….”


Habakkuk 3:2a speaks of revival…. Among God’s elect there has always been an aspiration to be revived. As long as you are a saved one, every day, consciously or unconsciously, there is an aspiration with a spontaneous prayer within you: “O Lord, revive us.” Although we may not realize it, such an aspiration has been within us through all the years of our Christian life.

Without a revival, how could we have anything living? If we endeavor to practice just the first step of the God-ordained way—to visit people for the gospel—without being revived, this will be a heavy burden that no one can bear. We all need to realize that we have been saved and kept on earth to do one thing—to go to disciple the nations, beginning from “Jerusalem” and spreading to “Judea,” to “Samaria,” and to the uttermost part of the earth (Acts 1:8)…. We are living here for the spreading of the Lord Jesus, not merely to our neighborhood but to the entire world. If we would do this, we need to be revived.

Hosea spoke of the desolation of the “two days” and the resurrection on the “third day”: “He will enliven us after two days; / On the third day He will raise us up” (6:2)…. The principle is the same in our Christian life. At a certain time we became desolate. After the two days of desolation, there is the third day, which signifies the pneumatic Christ in resurrection…. If we have the resurrected Christ, we are in the morning, the sunrising, and this is a real revival to us. (Life-study of the Minor Prophets, msg. 35)

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