Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of January

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Num. 14:9 “Only do not rebel against Jehovah, nor should you fear the people of the land, for they are our bread…”




We must be very careful to avoid all unbelief. Indeed, in your natural strength you will never be able to attain the good land. It is possible by resurrection power alone. Only the power that raised Christ from the dead and made Him the Head over all things can bring you in. But praise Him, this power is in us. Day by day His Spirit transmits into you all that God is and all that God has. He will make it for you. As long as you maintain your fellowship with Him, you will be able to enter the land.


There will be some battles to be fought. But the battle is for the enemy; to you it will be a rest. The battle is a defeat to him but bread to you. Joshua and Caleb told the people, “Nor should you fear…for they are our bread” (14:9). The enemy will be our bread—we can go to eat them. If we do not engage in the battle, we will be hungry. Daily manna is not good enough; we must take and swallow up the enemy. The enemy will be our food, and to swallow him will be our satisfaction. Brothers and sisters, you and I must have living faith to go on, to take up the battle, and to swallow the enemy. Let us cross the Jordan and take over Jericho. Let us devour the whole city as a tasteful dish. We will all be fully satisfied. Hallelujah! We need such a faith for such a battle. (The All-inclusive Christ, ch. 13)


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