Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of May

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Rom. 8:4 “That the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the spirit.



The focus and central teaching of the Bible is that the Triune God desires to live in His redeemed and regenerated people so that they may live Him. We need to live the Triune God by allowing Him to indwell us, make His home in us, and take full possession of our being and by walking according to the mingled spirit. When we see, appreciate, and practice this, the law of the Spirit of life will operate within us, our mind will spontaneously be set on the things of Christ, and our natural being with its strengths, habits, and practices will spontaneously be put to death. This is Romans 8.


The Body of Christ in Romans 12 issues from the experience of walking according to the spirit inRomans8. According to Paul’s view of God’s economy, all the members of the Body of Christ should be persons who walk according to the spirit. In principle, if we do not walk according to the spirit, we cannot practically have the Body of Christ. All the believers are members of the Body of Christ, but the practicality of the Body depends on the believers’ walk. If the believers walk according to the flesh, although they are still members of the Body of Christ, there will be no Body in their experience.


The goal of the Lord’s recovery is to recover Christ, who is the embodiment of the Triune God to be our life and who is the Spirit to live within us and make us His living members so that His Body will be built up on the earth. (The Importance of Living Christ by Walking according to the Spirit)

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