Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of February

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Eph. 2:22 “in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling place of God in spirit.”



[The] temple of God is enlarged by Christ as the authority of God. When you and I enjoy Christ together, out of such an enjoyment we will be very submissive to God and to one another. When we enjoy Christ to such an extent, every one of us will be submissive to each other. True love is in submission. When we submit one to another, we are really loving one another. True love does not exist in my taste, my choice, or my desire but in my submission. If there is submission among us, the authority of Christ is among us.


By the authority of Christ the church is not only God’s home but also His city. Not only is the presence of God there but also the kingdom of God and the authority of God. The city and the temple are where there is a group of people who experience and enjoy Christ to such an extent that they are mingled and blended with Him in every way. When they come together, they enjoy Christ before God and with God. Everything with them is Christ. If we are in such a situation, praise the Lord, we have the house of God and we have the city of God. We are in God’s home, and we are in God’s kingdom. All who come into our midst will sense the presence of God as well as the authority of God. They will say, “God is not only dwelling here, but God is ruling here.” (The All-inclusive Christ, ch. 16)

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