Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of September

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Luke 10:34 “And he came to him and bound up his wounds and poured oil and wine on them …”




John 15 and Romans 11 speak of the branches of two kinds of trees—a grape vine and an olive tree. The Lord is the olive tree that produces soothing oil, and He is also the vine that produces invigorating wine. We are the branches of the vine and of the olive tree. Oil and wine put together become a healing to people. We can produce the oil and the wine by abiding in the Lord, and we can abide in the Lord by pray-reading His Word. The more we pray-read, the more we will abide in the Lord, the more we will enjoy the Lord, and the more we will bear “olives” and “grapes” to produce oil to soothe others’ wounds and wine to stir people up.


We are not trees but branches. Furthermore, we are not a single branch but one of many branches. We need Christ as the tree with the fatness of its root, and we also need our fellow branches. Each of us is only one of the branches, and the branches coordinated together become the Body. This shows that we need Christ, and we also need the church. We need the root, and we need the other branches. Therefore, we all need to learn to pray-read the Word. By pray-reading we will enjoy Christ as the fatness, and we will be properly and adequately coordinated with the other branches. Then we will be able to enjoy the Body life. We will enjoy the fullness of the Godhead in Christ and in the church, and we will produce two kinds of fruit to yield oil and wine. This is God’s purpose. (Life Messages, ch. 58)

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