Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of November

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Luke 22:26-27 “…Let…the one who leads [become] like the one who serves….I am in your midst as the one who serves.”



God has put us in time in order to train us and make us useful for eternity. Time is like a school; it is a place where we receive spiritual training and education. Our spiritual training and education in time will make us useful to God in eternity. If we learn our lesson well, the Lord will entrust us with greater works when He comes back. Today is the time for us to learn; our proper service does not begin until the Lord comes back.


On the day that we were saved, the Lord put His life within us. Thereafter, He has been training us step by step by means of specific instances, so that we would learn to cooperate with God and be mingled with Him. God wants to mingle His nature into man and make man useful in His hand. The measure of God in us is the measure of usefulness we have before Him. When the measure of God increases, our usefulness also increases. His measure does not increase merely through studying the Bible and prayer; He mingles Himself into us through the things we do. All spiritual usefulness comes from God’s life being mingled into us. In fact, our usefulness before God is nothing other than the result of the mingling of His nature within us. When God mingles Himself into us, the expression of such a life becomes our usefulness. (CWWN, vol. 37, pp.181-182)

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