Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of March

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Exo. 27:21 “In the Tent of Meeting, outside the veil which is before the Testimony, Aaron and his sons shall maintain it in order from evening to morning before Jehovah; it shall be a perpetual statute to be observed throughout their generations by the children of Israel.”



Exodus says that the lamps in the Holy Place were lit by the priests. The priests had to burn the incense when they dressed the lamps in the morning and when they lit them in the evening. To burn the incense is to pray. The reason that the lamps are not bright is that the service, the priesthood, and the burning of incense are absent. Each local church should be so bright that once people enter in, all their situations are fully exposed so that they cannot help saying, “God is indeed among you.”


The church is the Holy Place, the church is the lampstand, and the church is the lampstand in the Holy Place. Not only so, in the church there is also the priesthood for the burning of the incense. Each one of us has a share in the priesthood. We are all kings and priests, and we all have to learn to fulfill our duty of burning the incense. Whenwe light the lamps, we have to burn the incense. We have to pray at night and in the morning so that the light of God may shine brightly among us. The light should be so bright that the illumining of the light becomes God’s move, His administration, His government in the universe, and His economy on earth today.


The burning of the fiery lamps is not only for shining and burning but also for motivating. Before the throne are seven burning lamps of fire for impelling us. Perhaps some would say that they can not do it. The more we do not do something, the more we cannot do it. This is a principle in the Bible. To everyone who has, more shall be given, and he shall abound; but from him who does not have, that is, who does not use what he has, even that which he has shall be taken away from him. (The Ultimate Significance of the Golden Lampstand, ch. 4.)

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