Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of July

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Eph. 3:9” And to enlighten all that they may see what the economy of the mystery is, which throughout the ages has been hidden in God, who created all things.”



The testimony of Jesus must be a constitution of the proper truth that produces a proper daily living. We must educate our spiritual children. We should not only help them grow in life but should also help them to be educated and built up in the proper knowledge of the truth. If all the saints could go through the entire New Testament and the Life-studies with the Recovery Version and the footnotes in five years, this would be wonderful.


I propose that you study the Bible with an opener, with a help. All of us who have some experience with the Life-study messages know that they may be considered as the best help. They are the most availing and prevailing key to open up the New Testament to all of us. At the beginning of any endeavor we always feel awkward and not so successful. However, if we keep endeavoring to get into the truth, I believe the result that will issue will be very promising.


We should encourage the saints to have a private time in the Lord’s Word and do this as a proper rule of their daily life. Regardless of how busy or how tired we are, we can reserve thirty minutes a day for a time with the Lord in the Word. If there is the will, there is the way. To save half an hour among twenty four hours is not a hard thing. If the saints could practice spending one hour or more in the Lord’s Word, this would be wonderful, but at least we should encourage them to give half an hour to the Lord every day. We all can realize what a blessing this will be, and I believe that this will make the Lord very pleased. (CWWL, 1984, vol. 2, “Elders’ Training, Book 3: The Way to Carry Out the Vision,” pp. 356-359)

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