Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of January

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Lev. 1:1 Then Jehovah called to Moses and spoke to him out of the Tent of Meeting…



The first and last verses of Leviticus indicate that the entire book is a record of God’s speaking. The speaking that began in 1:1 took place not in the heavens nor on Mount Sinai but in the tabernacle. God’s speaking today is also in His tabernacle, and this tabernacle is the church. According to the principle of the typology here, God speaks in the church as His tabernacle, the Tent of Meeting. This Tent of Meeting is the oracle, the place of God’s speaking.


In the church God is always speaking. The extent to which a congregation is the church actually and practically depends on how much of God’s speaking is there. If a certain group does not have God’s speaking, it is hard to regard such a group as a church.


The preciousness of the tabernacle was not the gold in it. There was more gold in Egypt than in the tabernacle. The preciousness of the tabernacle was God’s speaking. The same is true of the church today. The preciousness of the church is God’s speaking. Praise the Lord that in the church we have God’s speaking! This speaking is a treasure to us.


Through the tabernacle, with the offerings, and by the priests, God’s redeemed are enabled to fellowship with God, serve God, and be God’s holy people living a holy life, which expresses God. To fellowship with God means to feast with God, to enjoy Christ with God. This is possible through the tabernacle, with the offerings, and by the priests, which for us today are all a matter of Christ. (Life-study of Leviticus, msg. 1)

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