Weekly Pursuit – Week 2 of August

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Num. 21:17-18 “Israel sang this song: Spring up, O well! Sing to it! The well, which the leaders sank, which the nobles of the people dug, with the scepter, with their staffs.”



[We need to] learn how to have the flow of the Spirit within our inward parts. In Numbers 20 the smitten rock, which typifies Christ, flowed with living water. Then in Numbers 21 the well dug by the people of God sprang up with water.


For believers, it is not a matter of the rock but the well. Christ as the rock has already accomplished His work on the cross, which issued in the water of life flowing into us, but today Christ as the well of living water springing up continuously within us is something else and has much to do with the present process of digging. The flow of the spiritual life is not free within us. There is much dirt within us that must be dug out.


Forget about your needs, your job, your future, and your circumstances. Only seek the Lord’s presence, and ask Him to bring you into His light. Then follow His light to dig away the dirt in your conscience, heart, mind, will, and emotion. The more you dig away the dirt, the more you will be alive. You must maintain the flow of living water, that is, the fellowship of life flowing freely within you. When the living water f lows freely within you, then there is victory. All the problems will be solved spontaneously and even unconsciously. This digging is accomplished only by prayer. (The Economy of God, Ch. 10)

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