Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of September

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Eph. 2:22 “In whom you also are being built together into a dwelling place of God in spirit.”




We must see that not only was the temple larger, more stable, and more weighty than the tabernacle, but the furniture in the temple was also made anew, and their dimensions were increased. The altar, the laver, the table of the bread of the Presence, the golden lampstand, and the incense altar were all reconstructed, and in most cases their dimensions were increased. The enlargement of the temple signifies the strengthening of the church and the renewing and enlargement of the furniture in the temple signifies the renewing and enlargement of the saints’ experience of Christ.


This picture indicates that our spiritual experience must match the stature of the church. Therefore, in a church of considerable size, the size of the altar (that is, the experience of the cross) must be proportionately increased. The preaching of the gospel must be with greater impact so that when people come in, they would be strongly convicted and saved. The believers’ consecration to God must also be increased. There must be the enlargement of the bronze laver. The enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and the washing by the Holy Spirit must be more intense, frequent, and renewing. Christ as our life supply and light must also be enlarged. In addition, the golden incense altar (that is, our fellowship with God and our experience of being accepted by Him in Christ) also must be strengthened, increased, and enlarged. Christ is forever the same, but the church must gradually be strengthened and enlarged, and the saints’ spiritual experiences must also gradually be renewed and enlarged. [Then] the normal building of the church can be manifested. (The Vision of the Building of the Church, ch. 5)

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