Weekly Pursuit – Week 1 of September

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Judg. 7:7 “Jehovah said to Gideon, Through the three hundred men who lapped I will save you, and I will deliver Midian into your hand. But let all the other people go…”



The first selection resulted in twenty-two thousand people leaving. They left because they wanted to glorify themselves. God wants only those who will work for Him without boasting about it. After working for God, we should merely say, “We are unprofitable slaves.” These ones also left because they were fearful and afraid (Judg. 7:3). One must not love himself but must endure suffering.


The [second] selection was based on a very small matter, that of drinking. There were two ways to drink water along the way. One was to put down the luggage and kneel, bowing down to the ground to drink with the mouth. The other was to leave the luggage on the back and drink by putting the hand to the mouth. Those who drank directly with their mouths were eliminated by God. Those who drank by bringing water in their hand to the mouth were selected by God. A person who has the chance to indulge himself but who will not do so is one who has been dealt with by the cross. This kind of person can be used by God. God can only use those who are willing to be unconditionally dealt with by the cross.


The three conditions by which God selects the overcomers are: (1) being absolute for God’s glory, (2) being afraid of nothing, and (3) allowing the cross to deal with the self. One can judge for himself if he is an overcomer. God will test us, and we will be exposed as to whether or not we are overcomers. Only those who know the victory of the cross will be able to maintain the victory of the cross. (CWWN, vol. 11, pp. 772-774)

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