Prayer Burdens – Week 5 of August

Aug 29, 2016 by


1. Pray for the 128 FTTY trainees that they will gain more life and be filled with the Spirit.

2. Pray for the translation of the Life-study and the Recovery Version of the Old Testament into Burmese.

3. Pray for the printing, delivery and distribution of the Recovery Version of the New Testament (5000 copies) and the Hymnals (3000 copies).


Papua New Guinea

1. Pray that the Lord would gain more local families who can stand on the proper ground of the church and see the vision of the Body of Christ.

2. Pray for the gospel preaching and that more saints could be raised up and burdened for the gospel.

3. Pray for the spreading of the word of the ministry that more people can know this ministry.


Sri Lanka

Pray for the church registration to be approved by the ministry of Religious Affairs.

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