Prayer Burdens – Week 5 of April

May 2, 2024 by


Pray for the gospel preaching to be unrestricted, that the truth of the gospel can be preached to people of all races and religious backgrounds.



Pray for the establishing the proper structure of the church life in the practice of the God-ordained way for the building up of the Body.



Pray for the literature work to be led and strengthened by the Lord.



Pray for the practice of the God-ordained way; may the Lord give the saints 4 remaining fruits this year.



Pray for the propagation work in Adana to be strengthened that the saints can be perfected and built up to be His lampsatand.



Pray for the next generation in Vietnam—children, teenagers, students, and young working saints; may the Lord preserve them from the world and gain them for His coming.

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