Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of March

Mar 27, 2018 by

Pray for the increase of the small groups in Chittagong and may the Lord strengthen the brother who opens his house for a new group and enable him to consecrate himself to love the Lord and have bread-breaking meeting in his house weekly; also pray for six other saints who share rent with this brother to be recovered and live a normal church life.


1. Pray for the Blending Conference in Gurtur, AP & T, and Angamali, Kerala on March 30th to April 1st for the churches in the states of AP & T and Kerala, pray that the Lord can release His speaking concerning the Goal of the Lord’s Recovery – to Bring Forth the One New Man.
2. Pray for the ongoing translation of the Recovery Version Translation Project into 6 Indian languages (with one addition language to be started), pray for the Lord’s covering of the tripartite beings of all the translators so that the knowledge of Jehovah may fill the entire land of India. Please also remember the finances needed for this project.


Pray for the final proofreading of the Holy Bible Recovery Version in Myanmar language and the printing starting in June 2018.


Sri Lanka
Pray for the children’s group meetings in each locality and may the Lord gain more open families and more children through this practice.

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