Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of July

Jul 24, 2018 by

1. Pray for the establishing of the prayer and service fellowship meetings in the churches in Nepal and may the Lord stir up all the saints to participate in the meetings to cooperate with His heavenly ministry.
2. Pray for the practice of organic shepherding in the homes so that all the saints may pick up the burden to function on shepherding the new ones.


1. Pray for the saints who participated in the national trainings to burn the saints in their localities that the churches may receive abundant blessings.
2. Pray for the propagation in Karachi that at least 15 saints can go to preach the gospel and may the Lord release the seeking families for His church and raise up more saints to have home meetings with the new ones.


Pray that the saints can have a genuine breakthrough in the experience of life in the matter of financial offering for the Land Purchasing Project in Chennai by living in resurrection to overcome material possessions; also pray that the Lord can meet all the needs within the next 2 months.

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