Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of July

Jul 26, 2015 by


1. Pray for the local saints to establish the habit of morning revival and attending the prayer meetings.
2. Pray for many saints to attend the International Blending Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, from July 29 – Aug. 2.


1. Pray for the practice of the church life in Pokhara that the saints would enjoy the Lord and function in the meetings.
2. Pray for the continual propagation in Pokhara and nearby areas that the Lord would gain more seeking ones and open families.


1. Pray for young people to be raised up on campus who are open to the ministry and who can coordinate with the saints for the Lord’s move.
2. Pray that the Lord would open the way for the saints to contact people in the shopping malls and to gain key families in Lusaka.
3. Pray for the Lord’s Day meeting in Lusaka to be strengthened.

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