Prayer Burdens – Week 4 of January

Jan 29, 2018 by

1. Pray for the printing of the Burmese Holy Bible Recovery Version in June.
2. Pray for the publishing of the Burmese Life-study of Genesis volume 2.


Pray for the sisters of the church in Islamabad to be released from the bandages of traditions and become patterns of those who love the Lord and serve the Lord.


Pray for the following twelve cities and may the Spirit work in these cities to raise up His testimony and recover His lampstand: Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Adana, Bursa, Konya, Antakya, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Trabzon, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır.


Pray for the 513 young ones who have joined the National College Students Training last month, that the Lord can continue to speak in each one of them and make them living a life of knowing, seeing and gaining God in this age of godlessness for the sake of His testimony on the earth.


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