Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of September

Sep 20, 2022 by


Pray for the perfecting of the saints that they will love the Lord more, have the burden to love one another with the divine love, and function more in the church life.



Pray for the ministry distribution to be strengthened that some young people who are seeking and yearning for the truth can be found.



Pray for the gospel preaching among the local people to not only contact some open vessels but also gain some genuine seeking ones that they may become remaining fruit and building materials.



Pray for the campus work in all the major cities, that many campus students can be gained at the beginning of the new semester and become the remaining fruits in the church life for His testimony.



Pray for the young people to be raised up by the Lord and be burdened to participate in the full-time training.



Pray for the one accord of the responsible brothers in the church in Lalitpur, that they can receive the same commission, lead the saints into the present speaking of the ministry actively, practice the God-ordained way diligently and produce the vital groups.

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