Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of October

Oct 16, 2016 by

Papua New Guinea

1. Pray for more local families who can stand on the proper ground of the church and see the vision of the Body of Christ to be gained by the Lord and for more home meetings in the houses of the local families to be raised up.

2. Pray for the corporate living every Saturday for the perfecting of the young people and pray for the children’s meetings to be raised up.



1. Pray for the gospel preaching in Istanbul, especially for the students in Istanbul university and Bosphorus University that the Lord would move among the student and create a hunger in them for Himself; also pray for the saints to have wisdom to contact and gain the students.

2. Pray for the strengthening of the church life in Istanbul and may the Lord uplift the enjoyment and experience of the saints; especially pray for the newly started group meeting(s?) that the divine love may flow and divine light may shine.



1. Pray for the people in Long Xuyen to be open to receive the Lord and for the gospel to prevail in this city.

2. Pray for the saints in Phan Thiet to grow in life and to open their homes for meetings, so that the pillars may be raised up and they can stand firm for the Lord’s testimony in this city.

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