Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of January

Jan 21, 2019 by

Pray for the trainees’ going out for the gospel and shepherding from 12/17, 2018 to 1/27, 2019.


Pray for the strengthening of the translation work that the ministry materials can be translated into Lao to supply the pure truth to the saints.


1. Pray for the 4 main families in Dhaka to open more to the Lord’s shepherding that they can be raised up to take the burden of Lord’s recovery in Dhaka.
2. Pray for the young working saints and the 4 families in Chittagong to open their houses to serve the Lord.


1. Pray for the propagation in Dehradun, Gurgaon and college campuses in New Delhi from 1/21 to 2/8.
2. Pray for the new term of FTTND, that the Lord can release at least 20 new trainees to join; pray also for all the existing trainees to be perfected and advanced further in truth, life, service and character in order to be useful to the Master.

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