Prayer Burdens – Week 3 of Feb.

Feb 18, 2014 by

Prayer Burdens:


1. Pray for the Conference at Nepal from Feb. 21-24


1. Pray for the 2014 Pakistan international blending conference held on 1-2 March and first Lord’s table meeting in Islamabad.

2. Pray for the search of meeting hall in Lahore.

3. Pray for the the translation of the last 26 truth points in the New Testament

4. Pray for that translation and proofreading of the Crystallization study of Genesis may be completed ASAP

Sri Lanka:

1. Pray for the campus work at Jaffna and saints’ search for housing near the campus

2. Pray that the proof-reading of seven Rhema books can be completed ASAP.


1. Pray for saints’ visiting and traveling to the city of Ankara during February

2. Pray for the Rhema literature distribution in the local language


1. Pray for the Spring Truth training in Hanoi from February 15th to 23rd, 2014.


1. Pray for the bible-study groups and gospel preaching in the University of Zambia;

2. Pray for the gaining of the local families and visiting the local families in the communities.


1. Pray for the saints’ enjoyment and exercising during the current political situation.

2. Pray for the gospel move in the Southern and Northern part of Bangladesh from Feb. 10 – 28


1. Pray for the political situation to be stabilized as soon as possible so that the gospel can go out in peace

2. Pray for the college student training at Cambodia from Feb 28 to Mar 2

3. Pray for the Serving Ones’ Fellowship in Cambodia from Feb. 21-22


1. Pray for the raising up of golden lamp stands in Jaipur and Lucknow through the coordination of FTTT and FTTND

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