Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of November

Nov 16, 2023 by


Pray for the migration of the saints that their labor in the Lord will not be in vain but to continue to yield remaining fruit.



Pray for the national responsible brothers training on 11/27-11/28; may the Lord gain the brothers’ living and service in each locality to be according to God’s economy concerning the church and cause them to move forward in practicing the God-ordained way and statistics management.



Pray for the 963 serving ones who joined the National Serving Ones’ Training from 119 localities to have a living and service that is according to God’s economy concerning the church.



Pray for some saints to be released to attend the International Chinese-Speaking Conference next year.



Pray for the distribution of ministry books to gain the real seeking ones through the word of the truth.



Pray for printing and publishing freely the 10.000 copies of the Recovery Version of the New Testament in Vietnamese.

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