Prayer Burdens – Week 2 of July

Jul 14, 2020 by

1. Pray for all the online meetings to be strengthened that the saints would have the desire to pursue the Lord’s timely words and touch and cooperate with God’s will; also pray that the Lord would meet the needs of the saints for their practical living.
2. Pray for the serving ones to be perfected that they would learn to trust in God during this pandemic and shepherd the saints continuously.


1. Pray for the opening of the hearts of the people and the spreading of the gospel of the kingdom into all the states, cities and towns in India during the present pandemic. (We have found that people in many places are quite open to the gospel)
2. Pray for the college students who have joined the recent college trainings in various states in India, that they may answer God’s call to be His dispensational instruments for the His present move on the earth. (After the recent college trainings, students invited many friends who were able to join gospel meetings in various states)


Pray for the college students and young working saints to be strengthened through the coming online training that they would really see and cooperate with God in His central work and become useful vessels.


Pray for the saints to stand firm for the Lord, grow in life and gain more people.

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