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Exo 28:30
And you shall put in the breastplate of judgment the Urim and Thummin; and they shall be in Aaron’s heart when he goes in before Jehovah, and Aaron shall bear the judgment of the children of Israel on his heart before Jehovah continually.

Ministry Excerpts:

The most important item worn by the priests was the breastplate with twelve precious stones set in gold (vv. 17-21). These precious stones denote God’s people. The significance of the breastplate points to the importance of the priesthood in the experience of God’s children, which makes them golden and transforms them into precious stones for the building up of God’s children into one entity. The twelve precious stones set in gold are a miniature of the New Jerusalem. As the aggregate of God’s people, the New Jerusalem is built with gold and precious stones. Thus, the use and arrangement of gold and precious stones on the breastplate is a picture of the aggregate of God’s people. Through the priesthood, God’s people are in the process of becoming gold, of being transformed into precious stones, and of being formed and built together as one entity.

For the fulfilment of the priestly ministry, the operation of the Urim and the Thummim was needed in order to reveal God’s intention (v. 30). When God’s people contact Him and enjoy the riches of Christ, His people are built together, and their expression is one of gold and precious stones. This expression reveals God’s intention.

Every person gained by God through His redemption should be a priest. God’s heart’s desire has been entrusted to the priesthood. God’s desire is to be life in His Son through the Spirit so that we may become gold and precious stones to be built up together to express His image and represent His authority. All the details related to God’s desire are realized through the priesthood. God’s desire in the universe will be accomplished only when He gains the priesthood.

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