The Lord’s Move to Asia (November 2011)

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The 2011 Conference for Elders and Responsible Ones from the Churches in Asia was held in Miri, Malaysia, from October 19th to 21st and the general subject was “The Divine Move in God’s Economy”. Over six hundred saints from 20 countries attended this gathering. The main burden of this conference was to fellowship with the responsible brothers in the various Asian countries regarding the gospel move of the Lord in Asia in the recent years, with the hope that the brothers, by seeing the Lord’s move all over Asia, would pick up the burden of propagation in Asia and bring such a burden back to their respective localities so that more saints would have a share in the great wheel of the Lord’s current move by prayer, by material offerings, and by migration.

The conference began in the evening of the 19th and concluded at noon on the 21st. There were a total of seven meetings, and the messages included: The Move of God in the Book of Acts—the Propagation of the Resurrected Christ in His Ascension, The Move of God in the Book of Ezekiel—the Four Living Creatures and the Great Wheel of God, The Continuation of the Book of Acts, The Flow of Life out of the House of God, The Move of God in the Book of Psalms—Christ Being the Center of God’s Move on Earth, and The Enlargement from the House to the City for the Gaining of the Whole Earth. Except for the afternoon meeting on the 20th, which was devoted to special fellowships, every meeting was divided into two sections—a message given by the brothers and fellowship regarding the propagation in various countries.

In the first meeting on the 19th, a brother brought us to see a wonderful sequence revealed in the book of Psalms: Christ, house, city, and earth. The Psalms show us that God’s intention is to recover His title, His legal rights, over the whole earth through Christ in the church, through Christ in the house, and through Christ in the city. The earth is God’s ultimate desire. The Lord said in Matthew 24:14, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Currently the Lord’s recovery  has spread to over eighty countries, and for this we praise the Lord. But there are over one hundred and ninty countries in the world, so there are more countries that are still void of the testimony of the Lord’s recovery. Who will go to bring the gospel of the kingdom to these places? The brother asked us if the Lord has kept us on this earth only for the locality that we are in. We need to know the Lord’s up-to-date move. The Lord indeed has a move in Asia, and the brothers and sisters in Asia need to pick up the burden to go forth to these places.

In the following meetings, all the brothers continued to strengthen the same burden: God is a moving God, so we need to move as well in order to cooperate with God. There are seven reasons that we need to pay our special attention to Asia. First, Asia has the most population in the world. About 60% of the world population resides in Asia. Second, Asia is the least evangelized among all the continents. Third, whether in terms of the church life or finance, Asia has the most solid basis of the Lord’s recovery. Fourth, compared with the other continents, it is the easiest to gain people in Asia. Fifth, since Asia is not as influenced by the western tradiational Christianity, people here are the most acceptive to the new way. Sixth, Asia has the most potential in terms of propagation. Seventh, Asia is the closest to us. The Lord charged us to be His witnesses both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and unto the uttermost part of the earth (Acts 1:8). So we should begin with our “Jerusalem”—Asia , that which is the closest to us, to spread the gospel. One brother also shared that the Lord said, “Go therefore” (Matthew 28:19). Many times in our prayers we ask the Lord, “Lord, should I go?” But the Lord already said we should go, so why do we still ask? We should ask the Lord, “Lord, where do You want me to go?” If we don’t go, but ask the Lord to quickly come, we are being hypocritical, because if we do not go, how can the Lord come back quickly?

In the afternoon meeting on the 20th, several brothers specifically shared with everyone a word of burden so that we would see the Lord has a swift move in Asia and as a result, we must catch up. In many places, people get baptized not by individuals, but by the hundreds. If we do not go now and let this time, in which people are the most open, slip by, such opportunity will not present itself again. The Holy Spirit is moving, so we have to go—go by going, go by praying, and go by offering. We all have to find a piece of land to labor on. Such an investment will never lose its value; rather, its value will only increase and will last unto eternity.

Another inspiring part of the conference was the brothers’ sharing concerning the Lord’s move in the various countries through PowerPoints and videos. These countries include: Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Egypt, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, North Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore,  Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Many brothers later testified that prior to attending this conference, they had no idea the Lord had already begun His move in so many Asian countries. All the brothers rejoiced over the propagation in these places and gave glory to the Lord.

This conference for elders and responsible ones from the churches in Asia indeed opened every one’s eyes to see our moving God has a strong move in Asia. May the Lord raise up more saints among the churches in Asia to cooperate with His move by praying more, by offering more, and even by giving themselves to go forth in this flow of propagation to gain the earth for the Lord!


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