The Lord’s Move to Asia (May 2011)

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There are about a dozen saints in Kuwait City, originally from India and the Philippines, and every week they have a group meeting on Friday and the Lord’s Table Meeting with prophesying on Saturday. Presently the meetings are held at the flat of Danny and Annie Winston, a newly-wed young couple from India.

The Beginning of the Testimony in Kuwait

I visited Kuwait on May 5th to 6th and had some fellowship with the saints at Danny’s place. Danny and his spiritual companion, Ginu Korian, told me in detail how the Lord opened their eyes through this ministry and the testimonies of the saints in their hometown in India. So when they returned to Kuwait, they stopped meeting in the denominations and began to take this way a few years ago. At that time, they asked the Lord to give them another brother as a confirmation. In less than a week, the Lord sent Brother Lito Guarin from the Philippines to meet with them. The Lord has been with them since the first day they took this way in Kuwait City. Many things miraculously happened, such as a meeting place was provided and the saints were gathered together in a very timely way so that the meeting could go on unhindered.

The Need for the Fellowship with the Body

I confirmed their testimonies with thanksgiving to the Lord and shared with them the Lord’s recent move in the UAE, Asia and throughout the whole earth. They have been receiving some Morning Revival shipments from an American brother. I showed them the LSM webcast so that they could enjoy the up-to-date speaking in the Lord’s Recovery. I also told them the need of blending in the practice of the church life and encouraged them to go to Dubai this November for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) blending conference as well as Taipei next January for the international Chinese speaking conference. They happily took my suggestions.

We spent the rest of the time to cover the first lesson of the New Believers’ Series from Hong Kong—“The mingled spirit and calling on the name of the Lord”. It was very good for the young church and profitable for the edification of the saints, especially with the digestion in groups after the message, followed by each one prophesying.

Fellowshipping with Oversea Saints via Skype

The next morning we began with the Lord’s Table and joined a skype conference with Brother Paul Wu, who was in the full-time training center in Malaysia. Brother Paul touched on several items: the word, the exercise of our spirit, the importance of prayer, loving one another and caring for the rich enjoyment of the meetings. That was just what the saints in Kuwait needed. The hearts of the saints were very touched and their faith and love toward the Lord greatly strengthened through entering into the one fellowship with the saints from the UAE, Qatar, Singapore, the U.S. and Taiwan via Skype.

Consecration and Fellowship regarding the Vital Groups

We then touched on the matter of consecration from lesson four of the New Believers’ Series. The saints’ hearts were touched and consecrated themselves to the Lord, some with weeping and others with joy. At the end we all consecrated the church in Kuwait to the Lord. After lunch, we mentioned a few points regarding the vital groups and encouraged each one to pray with a vital companion and to share with and care for one another.

Meeting a Seeking Christian Group

There is a group of 50 seeking Indian Christians in this city, who are open to this ministry. The leading one among them is a 35-year-old brother. He, with some of his family members and several brothers and sisters, came to fellowship with us in the next evening. I started sharing on the central line of the Bible, and this immediately brought us into one. Then I briefly testified of my calling from the Lord to serve, the Lord’s move in GCC and all over the earth, as well as the intrinsic aspects of Brother Nee and Lee’s ministry for the building up of His Body. I also invited them to attend the conferences in Dubai and in Taipei. They accepted my invitations and will seriously consider it.

The church in Kuwait is composed of young people and they are hungry for fellowship from overseas. The long and harsh summer, foreigners’ thoughts of the loved ones in their home countries, and the ill-treatment of foreigners by the rude and arrogant local Kuwaitis are some factors of the prevailing gospel. Yet the saints still need to be perfected more on the God-ordained way and the vital groups in order to cooperate with the Lord’s move on earth.

The ministry materials, especially of the seven feasts, should be made more available to them.  If a young full-time serving one can come here to serve, that would be a great help to the whole GCC. The international blending conference in November will be quite important for the whole region; if the saints cannot come out of Kuwait to attend, someone should go to visit them after the conference.

If Dubai can provide a weekly prayer list composed of prayer items regarding the Lord’s move in the whole earth and the GCC and email the list to all 12 churches, that would be very helpful. Besides, there are over 120 saints in Saudi Arabia, who will need the same kind of shepherding and visitation in the near future.


(Taken from Brother Gilbert Chang’s fellowship)


UAE and Qatar

Currently there are three local churches in the United Arab Emirates (UAE): Sharjah (near Dubai), Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. There is also a small group of saints living in Ras al-Khaimah. From May 2nd to 3rd, Brother Gilbert Chang and I, as well as Brother Daniel Kuo and Brother Wilson Chen from Taiwan, visited Dubai, UAE. On May 3rd the two brothers from Taiwan and I went to Abu Dhabi while Brother Gilbert stayed back in Dubai.

On our way to Abu Dhabi, we stopped over in Berarie near Al Ain to visit a group of brothers who work on a big farm in the desert. Quite a number of them attend the Lord’s Table Meeting in Al Ain on Friday mornings. We met with 14 brothers there in one of the brothers’ barracks. Although we were all crowded into this small room with 6 bunk beds, we enjoyed the Lord together and sang “What shall I give unto the Lord” (Psalm 116:12). Afterwards, we departed for Abu Dhabi.

At Abu Dhabi there were 12 saints waiting for us. We prayed for the church in Abu Dhabi that the Lord would bind Satan and all his strategems and loose all God’s blessings on the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. We also prayed for the gospel meeting that will be held on the next day. Five new ones came to this meeting. One was already a believer and wanted to know more about the church. The other four called on the name of the Lord and prayed upon hearing the gospel. They joyfully received the Lord that night.

From May 5th to 7th, Brother Jijoo from Sharjah and I went to Qatar. At the same time, Brother Gilbert went to Kuwait and the two brothers from Taiwan stayed in Dubai. Currently there are two local churches in Qatar: about 30 saints in Doha and 15 in Al Khor. On the first night we met with the serving saints in Doha over dinner. Since there has been very little traffic among the churches because it is difficult for the saints to get leaves from work and most are workers with low pays, they were very happy to see us.

On Friday, May 6th, we had the 5th Blending Conference in Qatar. This conference was held in the large living room of a couple in Al Khor. This couple, Steven and Sandra Ng, originally came from Bintulu, East Malaysia, and the brother has been working for the national gas company of Qatar for over 4 years. In the previous four conferences, the local brothers carried out the conference except for one time when two brothers visiting from New Zealand took care of the conference a few years ago. Besides Brother Jijoo and I, a total of 35 saints came together for this conference. All were from the Philippines, many of whom were either saved or recovered in Qatar. We began with the Lord’s Table Meeting at 8:30am. At 10am we had a meeting via Skype with the saints in Sharjah, Kuwait, and the full-time trainees in Malaysia. Brother Paul Wu shared about the need to exercise the spirit when we come together and especially the need to pray. Not only do we need the Lord, but the Lord also needs us to cooperate with Him to pray, to enjoy His word, and to love one another. It was an encouraging and strengthening fellowship to all the saints.

After Brother Paul’s fellowship, Brother Jijoo and I shared about the matter of consecration. Following this, the saints gave testimonies one by one, and 31 saints consecrated themselves afresh to the Lord. Many of them handed themselves over for the first time with tears of joy. It was a very touching meeting and the anointing Spirit had the full freedom to operate.

After lunch, we shared on the Central Line of the Bible, which was the subject of the one-day conference. Then we shared concerning the need to propagate through the vital groups. We all need to begin with ourselves, that is, we must be vital before the Lord can do anything. We also fellowshipped regarding some practical matters, such as morning revival, prayer and reading the Bible. Before the end of the conference, the local brothers wanted to give some time for the saints to respond to the Lord’s speaking from the whole day. To our surprise, all 35 saints shared and took more than 90 minutes! They were overflowing with the enjoyment and many were bubbling forth with the word of God. We all testified how rich and enjoyable the meetings were. Although that was the only day off the saints had out of the whole week, they didn’t want the meeting to end.

After dinner, we had a short time with the leading brothers. We fellowshipped concerning the possibility of having the next blending time on Aug 29-31, which correspond with their national holidays. The local brothers felt good if the brothers from the UAE and from overseas could come again for blending. The saints in Qatar are very hungry for the truth and looked forward to the weekly meetings. Usually, after their Lord’s Day meeting, the saints would stay to have the prayer meeting as it is not easy to meet during the week. We also fellowshipped about the need to get into the Word and the prayer burdens for the church prayer meetings.

Our time in Qatar caused us to rejoice because the Lord’s move in this country cannot be hindered. Although there are limitations and restrictions, Joseph’s fruitful bough has already begun to run over the wall. We thank the Lord and we give Him all the glory.

(Taken from Brother Clement Wang’s fellowship)

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