The Lord’s Move to Asia (April 2012)

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From March 2nd to 9th, the brothers laboring in Bangladesh preached the gospel to two hundred and fifty people in the districts of Lalmonirhat, Dinajpur, Naogaon and Joypurhat. We baptized sixty-five people during this time and raised up a new local church. On March 8th there was a meeting for the serving ones in the northern part of Bangladesh, and fifty-seven serving ones from seventeen localities were gathered in this meeting.

On January 21st three brothers visited Bandarban and had some fellowship with the serving ones there. They also preached the gospel in three villages. From February 23rd to March 2nd, two brothers preached the gospel in ten villages in the southern part of the country, most of which were dominated by Hinduism. From February 28th to March 8th, three brothers preached the gospel to about two hundred people in eleven places in the eastern part of south Bangladesh. As of now the gospel has been preached to ten districts in Bangladesh, seven of which are in the north.

As of now what are most urgently needed in Bangladesh are: (1) the teaching of hymns – we need some people to teach the local saints how to sing the hymns; (2) training for the serving ones; (3) training for the college students; (4) translation work.



Through the unceasing prayer of the saints and the coordination in the Body, the Lord’s testimony in Laos has had a further breakthrough and has moved forward in the past three months, especially manifested in the following events:

  1. The concretizing of the perfecting of students – Since the beginning of 2012, four students from National University of Laos have been baptized, all of whom have remained in the church life. Under the earnest shepherding and cherishing of the serving ones, they have received the rich supply of the word from the ministry and are living a normal life with daily morning revival. They are also learning English grammar and pronunciation, studying the Gospel of John together with eighteen other brothers and sisters, attending college students’ meeting on Saturday night and bread-breaking meeting on Lord’s Day, and exercising to prophesy in the meetings. Two of them have decided to join the full-time training for further perfecting upon their graduation.
  2. Incorporating church life practices into saints’ daily living – Vientiane, the capital city, is large in size, and the distance between National University of Laos on the northeast side of the city and the saints’ residences on the southeast side is far, making it difficult to travel either by tricycles or motorcycles. Nevertheless, the serving ones have labored to bring the practices of morning revival, shepherding and prayer into students’ dormitories, the saints’ homes and their workplaces, with the view of incorporating church life practices into saints’ daily living.
  3. Aggressively propagating in new cities, planting church trees – A brother and two couples are currently propagating in the city of Pakse in the south. They mainly aim at propagating on the campus of Teachers Training College and have baptized three students. One of them is very diligent; he joins the Bible reading groups and has had many experiences of the Lord. But due to the fact that the school administration has tightened its regulation and control over campus activities, the saints have shifted their propagation emphasis from the campus to the communities. The brothers and sisters now gather for small group meetings twice a week in the communities. During the weekdays, the saints’ learning of languages and the truth continue to take place according to the original schedule.

Please pray for the following items:

  1. For the propagation in Pakse – that it would not be hindered by the enemy, that we would break through all the hindrances on the campus and in the communities, and that we might gain more families and seekers in order that the testimony of the golden lampstand might be established by the end of this year.
  2. For the graduating students who have the desire to join the full-time training – that the Lord would sanctify them in their environment, that their hearts and thoughts would be guarded, and that they might follow the leading in their mingled spirit.
  3. For the releasing of the saints who have a burden for the propagation in Laos – that they would visit or migrate to Laos so that the God-ordained way might be practiced in this country, which is open to the gospel.
  4. For the urgent need for bilingual (Laotian and English) saints to coordinate in the translation work – that the Lord would open the way that in five years, the saints would be able to translate the messages given in English directly into Laotian in order for the saints to closely follow the ministry in a practical way.


The Lord’s Move in Nepal

The Lord’s recovery in Nepal began in 2004 with one couple migrating from Korea and four local brothers. Now there are two local churches in Nepal – in Kathmandu and in Maidi. The majority of the saints came from Hindu or denominational backgrounds.

There are about fifty saints In Kathmandu, and they have a rented meeting hall in the center of the city, where the office of Nepal Gospel Book Room is also located. The literature work here also began in 2004, and currently there are three brothers serving full-time and one sister serving part-time. So far one hundred fifty hymns and forty-six ministry books have been translated, but they are just manuscripts yet to be edited and published. A brother who attended the Full-time Training in New Delhi has returned to Kathmandu and is now serving on campus.

The church in Maidi is in a remote place on the mountain top and approximately four hours from Kathmandu by car. The church there was established when a pastor of a denomination turned to the Lord’s recovery a few years ago through his contact with a brother. Eventually his entire congregation of one hundred and fifty saints followed him into the recovery.

Three years ago, twelve Chinese-speaking full-timers came to the city of Pokhara for a propagation work, and one hundred and forty-seven people were baptized. However, due to problems with their visas, all the Chinese-speaking full-timers had to leave. So there is now an urgent need to shepherd the saints to be remaining fruit for the establishing of the church in Pokhara.

From February 29th to March 6th of this year, some saints from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan came to visit Kathmandu, Maidi, and Pokhara and attended the conferences held in Maidi and Kathmandu. The total numbers of attendance in the two places were fifty and forty-five respectively. The messages were on The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery and four brothers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan coordinated together to share in the meetings. The atmosphere of the meetings was very high and uplifted with much exercise of the spirit, and the saints shared one by one after each message.

Our plan for the future is first to carry out the 96-Lesson trainings on a regular basis to perfect the leading ones, so that they can go back to their localities and perfect the saints for the building up of the Body. Second is the propagation work for the increase and spread of the Lord’s testimony, especially in Baktapur district and the city of Pokhara. And third is the literature work. We plan to print and publish many of our manuscripts for the spread of the truth of the Lord’s recovery.

Vietnam – The Lord’s Move in Phuoc Loi

Phuoc Loi is an area of 7.5 square kilometer, with a population of about 12,000. It belongs to Ben Luc district in Long An province and is thirty-three kilometers away from Ho Chi Minh City.

Many years ago, some saints in Phuoc Loi got a hold of some ministry books and came into contact with some brothers in the Lord’s recovery. They also attended some meetings of the church in Ho Chi Minh City. However, the church was not raised up in Phuoc Loi. Beginning from February of this year, the serving ones from Ho Chi Minh City spent much time visiting, contacting, and fellowshipping with the saints in Phuoc Loi. Through the visitation of the saints, the presentation of the truth and the giving of the ministry books, the Lord has brought back some saints from the denominations; some new ones have also been baptized. Currently in Phuoc Loi there are four families, some young adults and elderly saints, as well as some children and young people that come to the meetings with their parents. Two new ones were baptized last week.

The saints began meeting twice a week at a brother’s place in Phuoc Loi in March of this year. The meeting for learning the truth was on Thursday night. In this meeting, the saints learned the truth regarding the remembering of the Lord and the worship of the Father in the Table meetings, as a preparation for the Lord’s Table meeting that would soon begin in Phuoc Loi. The other meeting was at 8:30am on Lord’s Day morning, with about ten to twelve saints gathered to worship the Lord, read the word, sing hymns and prophesy on the Lessons for New Believers, with no breaking of the bread. Besides these two main gatherings, the brothers from Ho Chi Minh City also had much fellowship and prayer with the local brothers in Phuoc Loi.

Through the help of the brothers and after learning the truth regarding the Lord’s Table meeting, the saints in Phuoc Loi began to have a desire that the Lord’s Table would be established in their city. In fellowship and coordination with the saints in Ho Chi Minh City, Phuoc Loi had its first Lord’s Table meeting on April 8, 2012. For this we praise the Lord!

The church life in Phuoc Loi has just begun, so there are still many shortages. We truly need more of the Lord’s mercy, grace and life as well as the prayer, support, care and fellowship from the saints in the Body.

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