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National Blending Conference

At the end of this age, the Lord is working among all the nations to fulfill His heart’s desire, which is to bring all the churches into the reality and the practice of the one new man. Following the burden from the past Fall ITERO-The One New Man Fulfilling God’s Purpose in Creating Man-the Lord also brought His churches in Pakistan into the same flow.


November 16-17, we had the National Blending Conference in Lahore. A total of 203 saints from Islamabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Kasur and Lahore gathered together for His fresh speaking. A brother from overseas came to help us to get into this burden. The burden of the messages was that we should take Christ as our person and be renewed in the spirit of our mind. We also need to labor according to God’s operation to present every believer full-grown in Christ and carry out the stewardship of God for the function of the one new man. All the messages were followed by rich sharing of the saints.


Another highlight of the conference was the song presentation of the young people on stage that made everyone so joyful. Moreover, we were so touched at the Lord’s table that we all consecrated ourselves again to the Lord. We also had a very wonderful outdoor blending and love feast on Saturday night with all the saints from different localities. There was no difference in language or culture. Only Christ is all and in all.


May the Lord continue blessing His churches in Pakistan. May all the saints in the church life keep speaking the same thing with one mouth and doing the one work in the consciousness of the one new man.


The Church in Islamabad

The third district of the church in Islamabad was established on September 29, with 42 saints attending the first Lord’s table meeting. All the saints remembered the Lord in a joyful spirit.


In mid-October, the three districts of the church gathered as the whole church for the very first Lord’s table/prophesying meeting. The meeting was held in a small hotel. Around 170 brothers and sisters with 60 children attended. Many saints prophesied with exercised spirits. This was followed by a picnic lunch in a large park. All the saints enjoyed wonderful blending and were able to know and be built up with each other in a deeper way.


In early November, 34 young people with 4 serving ones had a blending outing at a very scenic place called Khanpur Dam, which was an hour and a half drive west of Islamabad. While we were on our way there, everyone enjoyed reading the message about “Dealing With the World” from the book Experience of Life. The young people shared their enjoyment. When we arrived at our destination, everyone was enthralled to see a large lake surrounded by mountains. We had a picnic lunch and then went boating. Through the blending the young ones had much fellowship and sharing with each other and were joined together more.




General Training for All the Saints

During the largest Hindu festival in Nepal last October 6-9, 2019, the Lord called out 43 saints from various local churches to Lalitpur to participate in a three-day perfecting training. Through the fellowship of the Body, six saints from the Luke group of Taiwan also took part in this training.


The main subject of the training was “Growing and Ministering for the Experience of the Life of the Body of Christ.” The main burden was to help the saints forsake their religious concepts and pay attention to their experience and growth in life, so that they may serve and function in life to become the pillars of the churches in various places that the Lord’s testimony in Nepal may be strengthened.


The training also had three special fellowships to help the saints enter into the burden more subjectively: 1) the need to establish a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord for the experience and growth in life, that the saints may be practically perfected in their personal pursuits, prayers and morning revival; 2) the establishment of a healthy God-man family living, leading the saints to subjectively experience Christ in their marriage life and in raising their children; 3) about their work and offering, helping the saints to exercise to enjoy and experience Christ in their workplace, and to be absolute in their material offering. The saints in Taiwan gave their testimony about loving and serving the Lord, causing the saints in Nepal to be encouraged and strengthened.


The Young People’s Training

Following the general training for all the saints, more than 30 young people from various churches in Nepal gathered in Pokhara from October 10 to 13 to enjoy a three-day Young People’s Training. The main burden of this training was to equip the young people in truth, to perfect them in their character, to help them touch the Lord in prayer, and for them to closely follow the pattern.


In order to encourage the young people to be equipped with the truth, an examination link was set up in this training wherein the young people were tested orally and in written form on twenty-four important Bible verses and some key points of truth. Many of them took this seriously, speaking to one another during the classes, and even seizing the opportunity to be equipped with the Lord’s words in between classes. Twelve young people passed the exam and each received a Bible as a reward.


In addition, a specific person was assigned in this training to monitor the time schedule in order to help the young brothers and sisters be on time and quickly enter into the details of the training. This perfected them in their character and uplifted the training atmosphere.


Furthermore, for the young people to have more opportunity to exercise their spirit in contacting the Lord, much time was arranged for them to practice in the matter of prayer. From the time they woke up to washing up, from their individual morning revival to the time before and after classes, from individual prayer time at noon to the time of exercising to call on the Lord’s name and pray-read His Word, and until the prayer time at night, the young people were given many opportunities to come before the Lord to enjoy the fellowship with Him and the release of their spirit.


By pursuing topics such as “the history of martyrdom in the church” and “the world situation and the return of the Lord,” and through the testimony of the serving ones, the young people saw patterns from throughout the ages of those who loved the Lord and followed Him at all costs. Having been moved by these patterns, all the young ones willingly consecrated themselves to the Lord. Many brothers and sisters signed the consecration forms, and offered to join the 2-year full-time training.


We deeply felt that the Lord is desperate to gain a group of saints and young people who love Him and pursue Him to be His bridge and channel in Nepal. Given our very tight schedule, the Lord surmounted our limitations and richly anointed us with His presence. May the Lord bless His churches in Nepal and cause His testimony to shine brighter through the intercession and supply of the Body.


Prayer items

1. Pray that the Lord will work on the Nepalese authorities to raise up a present day “Cyrus” who will open the door of the gospel and release the environment in Nepal.

2. Pray that the saints will deepen their thirst for the truth so that they will be constituted by this ministry, and to progress in the experience of life so that they may become the pillars of the church, bearing the responsibility of the church and taking the God-ordained way in one accord.

3. Pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen the young people in Nepal to keep their consecration, so that they may regularly enjoy the Lord and live a corporate life to become today’s overcomers to bring the Lord back.


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