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Month Date Countries Conference/Training/Gospel/Blending
October 12 Pakistan Blending at Islamabad
18-20 India Propagation training in Pondicherry and Training for young adults in Chennai
19 Myanmar Young People Combine Meeting
21-27 India Propagation training in Tenkasi, Guntur, Chennai and Pugalur
21-25 Laos Campus Gospel Move
26-27 Laos Gospel Harvest Meeting
27-29 Cambodia Young People Conference
29-31 India Propagation training in Guwahati
Oct. 28 – Nov. 17 India Gospel Move in India
29-31 Vietnam Elders training
Month Date Countries Conference/Training/Gospel/Blending
November November Pakistan Brother from Taiwan visit Lahore and Islamabad
1-3 India Young people training of North India
1-2 Sri Lanka Serving Ones’ Perfecting (II), Colombo
1-4 India Propagation training in Miraj
2-4 Nepal Conference
4-8 Bangladesh student fellowship in Chitagong area.
5-22 Sri Lanka Two-Week Intensified Propagation, Kurunegala
8-10 Laos Student Perfecting Meeting
9 Myanmar Sisters Combine Meeting
12-28 Bangladesh Gospel at Silet and Monga  area
17 Sri Lanka Restart the Lord’s Table Meeting, Kurunegala
16-18 Cambodia Responsible Brothers’ Training in Phnom Penh
23 Sri Lanka New believers’ perfecting training, Kurunegala
24 India Propagation training in Delhi
24 Myanmar FTTY Culminating & Blending Meeting
24-29 Sri Lanka Maylasia Saints Perfecting,Visiting and Blending (ColomboKandyNuwara Eliya)
25-26 Sri Lanka Youth Saints Perfecting Conference, Colombo (conducted by Maylasian Saints)
28 Pakistan The conference in Lahore
Nov. 12 – Dec. 2 Nepal Preaching Gospel and Bleding with the Trainees from FTTS
29-Dec.1 Myanmar International Blending Conference-IBC at Myitkyina
Month Date Countries Conference/Training/Gospel/Blending
December December Vietnam Blending Conference at 8 places
December Pakistan Gospel preaching to the Young people for the month of December
1 Pakistan The first bread-breaking meeting in Islamabad
3-5 India National Serving Ones Training
5-15 Bangladesh student and serving training in Nothern part.
6-8 India Natioanl Blending Conference
7-15 Sri Lanka Kaohsiung saints Visiting and Blending
9-11 India Coworkers’ training
13-15 Sri Lanka National Blending Conference, Polonnaruwa (III
18-27 Bangladesh student and serving training in Chitagong area
22-24 India Propagation training in Vellarada
24 Pakistan young saints perfecting meeting in Islamabad
24-26 India Young people training in North East
25-28 Myanmar Young People Training at FTTY
28-29 Laos Year-End Love Feast Blending
Month Date Countries Conference/Training/Gospel/Blending
January 1-7 Laos Campus Gospel Move
1-12 Sri Lanka Two weeks intesified propagation, Batticaloa
10-12 India Propagation training in Nagpur
12 Myanmar Yangon Region Blending at FTTY
12 Vietnam Nazarite 6th batch Culminating Meeting
14-22 Bangladesh student and serving one training in Nothern part.
24-31 Bangladesh student and serving one training in Chitagong area
24-26 Cambodia International Blending Conference in Phnom Penh
18 Myanmar Elders Combine Meeting, Khanongto
25 Myanmar Sisters Combine Meeting
25-26 Laos Gospel Harvest Meeting
Month Date Countries Conference/Training/Gospel/Blending
February 1 Myanmar Brothers Combine Meeting, Yangon
1-16 Sri Lanka Two weeks  intesified propagation, Jaffna
10 Myanmar FTTY 16th Term Start
10-28 Bangladesh gospel ,nothern and sothern part.
16 Pakistan National conference in Lahore
14-16 Cambodia College Student Training
 21-22 Cambodia Serving Ones’ Fellowship in Cambodia
21-24 Nepal Conference
Month Date Countries Conference/Training/Gospel/Blending
March March Pakistan One-Month intensified propagation in Kasur
7-8 Bangladesh serving one meeting at Dhaka
7-9 Cambodia Sisters Conference
8 Myanmar Elders Combine Meeting, New Dagon
10-21 Sri Lanka Two weeks  intesified propagation, Gampaha
14-22 Bangladesh gospel propagation Silet area.
22 Myanmar Sisters Combine Meeting
22 Sri Lanka New Believers Perfecting Conference, Gampaha
29 Myanmar Young People Combine Meeting
30 Pakistan the first Lord’s table meeting in Kasur
Month Date Countries Conference/Training/Gospel/Blending
April April Vietnam Elders’ Training
April Vietnam Blending Conference at 8 places
3-6 Bangladesh Student and serving one training in Dhaka.
5 Myanmar Serving Ones Meeting
5-6 Laos Gospel Harvest Meeting
14-17 Cambodia Responsible Brothers’ Training
18-20 Sri Lanka National Blending Conference, Kandy
19 Myanmar Brothers Combine Meeting at Yangon

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