Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of March

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Deut. 25:15 “A full and righteous weight…and a full and righteous measure you shall have…that your days may be extended upon the land which Jehovah your God is giving you.”



To have differing weights and measures is a lie, and all lies come from the enemy, Satan. The children of Israel were to have a full and righteous weight and a full and righteous measure in order that their days might be extended upon the God given land. Here longevity is related to righteousness. Instead of doing this, we should give others more credit and ourselves more debit.


Those who have differing weights and measures actually have differing scales. In the church life today, we may have differing scales—one scale for measuring others and a different scale for measuring ourselves. Having differing scales, we may condemn a certain thing in others but justify the same thing in ourselves.


In the house of God, the church, there should be only one scale. The same scale should be used to weigh everyone. If we have only one scale, we will be fair, righteous, and just, even as God is. Because God is fair, righteous, and just, He measures everyone according to the same scale.


I emphasize the practice of having differing scales because this practice is a sickness, a disease, in the church life. This is the source of disaccord. Instead of keeping the oneness and the one accord, we have disaccord. May we all receive mercy from the Lord to no longer have differing scales but, like our God, to have the same scale for everyone. (Life-study of Deuteronomy, msg. 19)

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