Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of December

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Psa. 27:1 “Jehovah is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?…”




Prayer is to absorb God; prayer causes man to obtain God. God is reality; hence, He is contactable and obtainable. Our enjoyment of God’s salvation depends on our absorbing God. [Psalm 27:1] does not say that God shines on us but that He is our light, nor does it say that God saves us but that He is our salvation. David received revelation from his experience to see that God was his light and his salvation. Based on this he said, “One thing I have asked from Jehovah; / That do I seek: / To dwell in
the house of Jehovah / All the days of my life, / To behold the beauty of Jehovah”. David obtained God as his light and salvation by beholding God.


A believer needs to learn to spend a considerable amount of time in God’s presence daily. It is preferable to spend half an hour to one hour. If we would contact God, wait on Him, linger in His presence, behold Him, and absorb Him daily, He will cause our condition to change. We do not need to ask Him for many things, such as power, strength, victory, zeal, or the ability to rise up. We only need to touch Him every day, and after some time He will become our everything. If we need light, He will be our light. If we need power, He will be our power. He is whatever we need. (The Meaning and Purpose of Prayer, ch. 1)

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