Weekly Pursuit – Week 4 of April

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Phil. 2:12 “…As you have always obeyed,… work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.”




Although we have been saved, we still need to work out our salvation. God’s salvation is not so short or so brief or so simple. God’s salvation has a long span. We have to enter into God’s salvation and to go through from one end of God’s salvation to the other end. Today we are in the passage of God’s salvation. Now we are going through this passage, and our going through is our working. The more [Noah] built the ark, the more he passed through God’s salvation. Eventually, he entered into what he worked out. [The] Christ whom we are building up will become our future salvation. One day under God’s sovereignty we will enter into the very Christ whom we have built up.


If you spend from Monday through Saturday loving the Lord, fellowshipping with Him, living by Him, surely on the Lord’s Day you would have the deep sensation that you are in Christ. You would have a practical and present Christ for you to abide in. But if you spent from Monday through Saturday not fellowshipping with Him [and] not living in Him, even if you wanted to abide in Him today, you would feel that He is absent. This would mean that for the past week you did not build Christ. You did not work on the ark. But when you love Him and fellowship with Him and live by Him and walk with Him day after day and hour after hour, you build Him up in your experience. You build up a Christ in your experience for you to enter into as your salvation. (The Divine Dispensing of the Divine Trinity, ch. 3)

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