Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of May

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Exo. 25:30 “And you shall set the bread of the Presence upon the table before Me always.”


The bread of the Presence is one of the foods for the priests, and…it signifies Christ as our life and life supply. To handle Christ as the bread of the Presence and to minister Him to others, we must first enjoy and feed on Him as the bread of the Presence. This means that we must experience Christ as the inner life and the life supply by feeding on Him.

The whole trespass offering was to be eaten by the priests. This means that when we minister Christ as the Savior to a lost person, not only will the person be saved, but we will also be fed with Christ while we are ministering Him in this way. By doing this we enjoy Christ within. While we are ministering Christ to others, regardless in what aspect, we are fed and we enjoy Him.

If we are lazy and do not go out to reach others, we are hungry within. But when we go out to minister Christ to others as the trespass offering, we are satisfied. After we return home, we have the sense that we are really full. This is the way to eat Christ. We handle Christ as the trespass offering for others. When Christ as the trespass offering becomes the Savior to others, He becomes the food to us.

What is our food? It must be Christ, not a Christ in doctrine or teaching, but Christ in our ministry. Christ ministered to others as the trespass offering will be their Savior and our food. This is also true with the sin offering, the peace offering, and the meal offering…. The more we handle Christ and minister Him to others, the more we feed upon Him. We cannot minister an objective Christ, but One who is so subjective to us. He as our merchandise is also our food, for we must eat what we sell. (The Priesthood, chap. 9)

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