Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of June

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Phil. 2:9 “Therefore also God highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name.”




In order to build the church, all the builders of the church should be as transcendent and ascendant as Christ is. We must be in ascension, seated together with Christ in the heavenlies. Ephesians 2 tells us that we were not only made alive together with Christ but also seated together with Him in the heavenlies. Only those who are in ascension can be built up.


A person who remains on the earth always has earthly views and earthly feelings. These views and feelings will become a problem when he engages in the work of building the church. In ascension the Lord transcended and conquered all the enemies. The enemies were not completely dealt with in the Lord’s resurrection because before His ascension He was still under the air, that is, under all the enemies, rulers, and authorities. It was not until He ascended that He displayed to the entire universe that He had overcome all, transcended all, and conquered all. It was then that He arrived at the highest place of the universe and sat down, having received the highest name, the highest position, and the highest authority. In ascension Jesus was made Christ, and everything was subjected under His feet. Today He is the Head, and we are His Body. As His Body we are sitting together with Him in the heavenlies. Only when we have arrived at such a transcendent and ascendant position will it be possible for us to build the church. ( CWWL, 1965, vol. 4, pp. 517-518)

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