Weekly Pursuit – Week 3 of July

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Matt. 3:17 “And behold, a voice out of the heavens, saying, This is My Son, the Beloved, in whom I have found My delight.




As the elders and co-workers go on with the Lord, they should become more and more clear that God’s intention is to work to such an extent that Christ will be expressed in all things, fill all things, and even be all things.


The universe is a great painting drawn by God. In this painting, various things, matters, and persons describe Christ. The relationship between a husband and a wife is a description of Christ. The relationship between a master and a servant is a description of Christ. The relationship between a father and a son is a description of Christ. Today our vision of Christ must be so clear that we see that Christ is not only the desire of God’s heart but even more the reality of all positive things, matters, and persons. In our gospel preaching we should preach Christ. In our messages we should speak Christ. In our administration of the church, we should administrate so that Christ can be ministered into people and then be ministered into others through them.


The Bible tells us in many places that we should be holy, loving, righteous, and patient; these things are shadows of Christ, who is the reality. When the Bible speaks of patience, it means that we should turn to Christ and live out Christ who is the reality of patience. The love which the Bible speaks of is actually Christ. Also, God wants us to be honest by living out Christ. It is the same with respect to righteousness, sincerity, and holiness. God wants Christ to be our righteousness, sincerity, and holiness. ( CWWL, 1967, vol. 1, pp. 179, 181-182)

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